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Why is it important that you select the right fleet gas cards?

Fleet cards are important to anyone who has a large fleet. The best fleet cards offer the businesses with a great deal, and the fuel cost is cut in halves at times when there are fluctuating prices in the gas prices. Whenever there is a price rise in the fuel the driver pays the same amount he pays monthly or annually and if there is a price fall in the gas the cards automatically reimburse that amount of money. Therefore getting a fleet gas card would benefit you in many ways

The Superfleet speedway fleet gas cards ensure that you get the best prices for fuel and you get discounted prices on the fuel.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that you can get from fleet cards

A fleet can benefit a lot from fleet cards these benefits are cost savings, streamlines expense reporting, analytics, and using GPS built in the card app.


One benefit of the fleet fuel cards is the report that the accounts give which you can track. The business owners have access to exhaustive reporting and analytics. This shows them the show credit card transaction. These kinds of reports help increase driver accountabilities and efficiencies.

Increase cost savings

The fleet cards allow the official buying at the participating gas station, repair related services and mechanics. You can get from 10% to 15% for tires, repairs and maintaining costs for the costs related to vehicles.

The efficient expenditure management process

For some companies, it is necessary to give an expense report. So the fleet cards come up with a new system that makes this well-organized and allows for more strong and repeated expense management.

Integrated GPS systems

The companies also come out with a new app this app help the drivers to use GPS to find the nearest gas station. The drivers can rely on GPS to find all of the vehicles. This GPS help save time and energy and money. Once the GPS is turned on it will direct the driver to take certain roads that lead to the gas stations.

The differences between a fleet card and a small business gas card

Fleet cards and small business gas cards are very similar. That is because they both offer identical oil and gas providers and usually work in the same gas station in network.

The major differences that you can see between the fleet cards and small business gas card are:

Purchase restriction

Some small business cards can be used for the purchases that are not related to vehicle upkeep and other maintenance. There are still other small business cards that limit the purchases to convenience stores and gas stations only. This is a big difference to fleet cards all of which allows fuels, repairs, and maintenance

Discounts and reward

Like fleet credit cards the business gas cards give discounts and rewards on the purchase of gas. Although the discount rate is usually $ 0.03 per gallon which is less than the discounts on fleet credit cards. The small business also offer discounts for any purchases that’s not related to gas.

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