Tucker: Trump May Not Run In 2020; Wants To Lose

tucker carlsenI never fully trusted Tucker Carlson. He always struck me as phony conservative hiding behind a conservative facade.  Now, with his latest show proclaiming a lot of ‘ifs” about President Trump not wanting to run strikes me as highly suspicious of him. Carlson has been critical of Trump before. Is he taking suggestions from the liberal Murdoch brothers? I don’t think at this point Trump could lose unless he just didn’t run. If you look at that pack of outcasts the Democrats have running, anyone with a brain could beat them and I don’t see him not running especially after all the positive things he has done for the country and says there is more to come. Trump has even challenged them by saying there isn’t anyone he couldn’t beat.

cheesrtoallmy haters Or was this just a slow news day for Tucker and he just decided to just spice things up a bit by upsetting the apple cart to see just which way the apples will roll? Tucker brought up mindless pessimistic hypothetical situations. He seems to be starting to lean left.  Is his plan be a Trump supporter in his first 3 years then turn against him and come out with this propaganda. If that is so then he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, Judge Jeanine, Laura Ingraham and FOX and Friends in the morning are the only true Conservatives left on Fox. Tucker is doing what all the so-called conservatives on Fox have done, turn liberal just like Judge Napolitano.

Tucker Carlson surprisingly wondered – aloud – on Thursday night’s program if President Trump has any intention of winning re-election in 2020.The Fox News host asked the question during a segment where he dissected what such a scenario would look like, and if Trump would reap any benefits.

In this “hypothetical” scenario, Carlson ran through a number of things Trump could do so that his base would turn on him — all of which line up with actual Trump administration actions or reported proposals. He noted, for example, that if Trump wanted to lose, he could raise gas taxes, something the administration is reportedly considering and an idea that Carlson said is “so mindless and counterproductive there’s literally no way you could get re-elected after doing it.” Later, he told Trump he should definitely “go with the gas tax” if he secretly wants “to retire early” and is “really sick of the job.”

Proposing cuts to Medicare and E-Verify would also be ways Trump could undermine his re-election chances, Carlson argued, as well as continuing “our pointless military intervention in Syria.” These, again, are not hypothetical scenarios at all.

“If the president did all that, the message would be very clear: he has no idea what he ran on in 2016,” Carlson said. “He just wants out.”

In spite of all this Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show earned more viewers last week than all of CNN’s primetime line up combined, reports the Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra. Maybe this criticism of Trump by their leading conservative this week is all part of Fox’s reputation of being fair and balanced.

For years now the far-left CNN  network has done everything in its power to bring Carlson down. By any measure, CNN has conducted what can only be described as a straight up, deliberate demonization campaign.

CNN has also participated in the effort to have Carlson blacklisted by advertisers due to his right-of-center political beliefs. Since the fake news outlet cannot beat Carlson in the ratings, it is hoping to drive him off the air through McCarthyism.

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