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“This Inspired Me To Make My Own Blog”

My name is Sourajit Saha and I come from a humble background. The word “Average” defines all of my student life, and yes, I am also a college dropout. Why? Well, that’s because I hate blindly spending an aimless life, so, to my fortune, I decided to drop out of college and pursue my passion of “Blogging and Online Marketing”. And so far, I am fully satisfied with my work life, this never gets boring really when you’re sprinting after your dreams and true ambitions.

I have started my blogs to help people with certain things like backing up and restoring the data on their mobile devices, some of the best free apps (to stream the latest movies, edit photos etc.) and everything in between that they can use to make their life easy.

Here are some of the main reasons that motivated me to make, develop and run my blogs.

  1. Passion:

Blogging and online marketing has always been an interesting thing to me, I’ve always tried to learn more about this versatile field and has always tried to improve my skills.

I can safely say that this thing is my passion, because I never get tired of learning more tips and tricks to increase my reach and audience. And as Vincent Van Gogh has said:

I’d rather die of passion than of boredom”

My passion for this vast field has lead me here, and would take me further ahead.

  1. I love helping people:

Another main reason why I chose blogging and online marketing is that I can help millions of people worldwide in the blink of an eye. Since I mostly post about the basic stuff and tutorials that a common man finds the most helpful, I can grow a large, returning audience by targeting a specific set of people.

I have another content habit, that I like to get straight to the point without a long introduction, so, you’d find my blogs compact, fun, helpful and to-the-point. This method/ habit has also helped me big time. Because people usually like to just read the part they want to and just jump off the site, simple as that!

  1. I make a living out of it:

The best thing ever happened to me is that I earn through my passion, it can’t get better than this. I never ever get bored while conducting research and sorting the things for my new blogs.

In blogging, you don’t start earning right away, rather it is a slow and steady process and blogging slowly progressed from my secondary source of income to primary source of income. So, the time where I wasn’t earning a dime, passion was the only thing that made me stick with blogging and be patient.

So, passion, a zeal to help others and lastly, earning where three of the basic things that motivated me to start my own blogs. I am still learning and constantly improving my blogging and online marketing skills.

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