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The One Question Trump Asks World Leaders

Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney revealed at The National Catholic Prayer Breakfast Tuesday that President Trump point blank asks leaders what they are doing to protect persecuted Christians in their countries.

Mulvaney, who was a special guest speaker at the breakfast as a Catholic leader, noted that during the past two and a half years President Donald Trump has spent a great deal of time on the mistreatment of Christians and other religious minorities internationally.

Mulvaney referenced the first-ever Ministerial State Department attended by 600 people from around the world as well as President Trump’s role in the release of Pastor Brunson from his two-year imprisonment in Turkey.

“What you don’t know about is what goes on behind closed doors,” Mulvaney said. “I very rarely talk about my private meetings with the president, the stuff that goes on what goes on outside the private eye, but I can assure you that I have been sitting with him in the Oval Office, in the cabinet room, with leaders around the world, where he will look at them and say ‘Now, you’re not doing enough to take care of the Christians in your country,’ or, ‘Thank you for helping Christians in your country.’”

“I won’t lie to you, that’s pretty powerful stuff,” Mulvaney said, “to be a leader of a foreign nation sitting in the Oval Office with the president of the United States and have him say, ‘Look, I need you to do more to help religious minorities.’”

Mulvaney said that to be present during these meetings and to be part of such discussion has been invigorating. “It hasn’t been articulated in the Oval Office in way too long,” the Chief of Staff said.

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  1. Trump needs to look in the mirror. What about the Christians in Syria?
    Is he going to let LGBTQI run ruff shod over the Christian denomination’s from a Supreme Court decision?

  2. I’ d be asking why the Congress of the United States has dual-citizens acting as Representatives to American Citizens?
    Dual-Citizens despite country of origin should NEVER be allowed to represent in any position of government not their country of origin.
    There’s no reason for any dual-citizen Israeli to be representing America!

    Trump, sadly, is just another Globalist puppet selling the public on hope.

  3. They knew it was coming, they let it happen. Sri Lanka did NOTHING! No wonder Christianity is not growing, were being murdered by the tens of thousands.My opinion. Catch up with me on Editorial page, click my name

  4. In ongoing negotiations, T was recently rumored to have ceded the Golden or Mercy Gate (in Jerusalem) to the Islamists. We have seen zero evidence, that he will restore the social contract to WASP masculinists, in his own country, while forever giving equal time to reprobates and cultural aliens, and telling us about their great jobs numbers. We are being replaced by our persecutors, while they get legal personhood and social promotions.

  5. & that right there is why they all hate Trump so much!
    You know who….
    The democrats
    The MSM
    The deep state
    Other “ Christian countries”
    The Hiderbeast
    & the abides major supporters – Satanist & witches who go to the lengths of making public world wide curses in him.
    Yes they hate him because He supports Christians!
    No inclusiveness there now is there!

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