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Leftward Surge Of Woke Democrats Betraying The Base, Helping Biden


Democratic-leaning progressive on social media are substantially outnumbered by their moderate, less educated party colleagues, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

An increasingly outspoken group progressives on Twitter are getting swamped 2 to 1 by a more diverse and less educated group of Democrats who don’t often share political content online, the report notes, citing data from the Hidden Tribes Project. The latter group has the numbers to swing the nomination in favor of a moderate establishment nominee.

The data show that Democrats who do not share political content on Twitter are more likely to identify as moderate or conservative by a 53 to 29 percent margin, according to the data. They are also more likely to be black — 24 percent of African-Americans do not post such content online.

Progressives on social media who share political content online, meanwhile, are more likely to be white (71 to 55 percent) and college educated (47 to 33 percent). The Hidden Tribes Project is a nonpartisan representative YouGov survey of 8,000 Americans that divided respondents into different groups based on their responses to a battery of questions.

Democrats who don’t share their political thoughts online might help explain why former Vice President Joe Biden is not suffering much blowback after several women came forward recently and said his touching and fondling made them feel uncomfortable. Biden earned 32 percent of support in the 18-person Democratic field for president, Morning Consult noted in a poll Tuesday.

Support for the former vice president was much higher in that poll than Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont who took up second place with 23 percent support among Democratic voters. The former vice president has yet to officially enter the race, but Biden is seriously considering a White House run.

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