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Former ICE Director Tom Homan Makes The Case For Trump’s Sanctuary City Plan

Former acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan said President Donald Trump’s sanctuary city plan is a plausible option and would reveal Democratic hypocrisy.

“Illegal aliens are already going to sanctuary cities. That’s one of the reasons they’re coming,” Homan said Monday on “Fox & Friends.”

“They want to get to some place where they can be protected from ICE and get free social benefits. They can get drivers licenses. They can get [in-state] tuition. They can get college assistance … What the president did I thought was ingenious. He called their bluff.”

Homan said Democrats are only for open borders and lax immigration polices, so long as migrants and refugees aren’t living in their neighborhoods.

“What [Trump] did was he pulled the curtain back on the Democratic leadership, showing the hypocrisy that they said they wanted these people in the United States. They want open borders as long as it’s not in my district. As long as it’s not in my neighborhood we’re fine with it,” he said. “So I think he pulled the curtain back and I think it was an ingenious move on his part.”

Homan also claimed the Democratic platform is more about resisting the president, than about fixing the country’s immigration system.

“They know this is a crisis on the border. The videos clearly show it. The data clearly shows it,” he said. “The tens of thousands released into the street clearly show it. This is — I’ve said it many times on this show, this is about resisting the president. This is about not helping him fix this problem and closing the loopholes because this is his number one campaign promise.”

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  1. Who ever dreamt this mass assault on our nation’s could occur without a single pinky being raised to change these absurd antiquated immigration laws. TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS, they are destroying us. Hyenas all.

  2. If the Hyenas lifted a finger to change antiquated immigration laws, how would that stop renegade migrants from over running our Southern border? It was a problem before Obama used his pen and phone to create DACA and that turned a problem into a catastrophe. If somebody brought a minor child into our country… Bingo… citizenship for the chilld and permanent residence for the parents.

    When Obama created that magnet for renegades why would they suddenly abide by new laws created by hyenas or even legislators?

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