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Does the Size of a Wallet Really Matter?

Regardless of how much money you have, your wallet needs to be up to the current standards. The sight of unattractive wallet paints a completely different picture of you and you might be misjudged by those close to you. Some people might perceive you as being unorganized, traditional and a disoriented individual just by looking at your wallet. That is why it is recommended that you shift your attention from a bulky wallet to Kinzd slim wallet to add some glamour, style and elegance to your personality. The following seven reasons will help you understand why a bulky wallet is not an asset anymore and that the size does really matter.

1. Bulky wallets are unattractive

Carrying a bulky wallet in your back pocket is not stylish anymore. In fact, it may look awkward walking around with one side bulging thus giving an impression that you don’t care about yourself anymore. This is not a good way to attract ladies in the 21 century. Perhaps a slim wallet like Kinzd or Carrywallet would do better than that.

2. Bulky wallets can cause back pain and poor posture

An overstuffed wallet in your back pocket can exert some pressure on your lower back as well as hips. As a matter of fact, such a big wallet can contribute to the tilting of your pelvis, putting a lot of stress on the spine. This way, you will be straining your body leading to poor posture and back pain. To avoid such cases, you should consider using slim wallets all the time.

3. Bulky wallets don’t mean overcompensation

It is undisputed fact that nearly all men are worried more about the sizes of their crane more than anything else. While women insist otherwise, some men still hold on the notion that size matters hence the need to overcompensate. To achieve their objective, most of them walk around with wallets bulging in their back pockets as a way to overcompensate for their perceived small size. That doesn’t matter anymore as long as you’re having the most relevant contents in your wallet. And slim wallets can serve you better than walking with bulky wallets making unnecessary bulging in your pockets.

4. Bulky Wallets can damage your clothing

In most cases, your bulky wallet must have been responsible for damaging your favourite pair of jeans. Your wallet leaves unwanted outlines on the cloth, leading to the changes in colour and even stretching them out of their original shape. Take advantage of the slim wallets and keep your pricey clothing in good condition.

5. Bulky wallets are not a good option when travelling

At the moment almost all travellers choose to carry credit cards to help them in nearly all transactions. In the era of plastic money as most people refer to credit or debit cards, it will be unnecessary to walk around with a bulky wallet full of cash and personal documents. Therefore, a slim wallet will be a better option and it guarantees you some comfort.

6. Bulky wallets are easily stolen

Thieves find it extremely difficult to steal slim wallets compared to the bulky wallets. Even if they access your slim wallet, chances are they will find very few items to steal. This means you will spend less time calling your bank and relevant authorities to have your accounts cancelled. Also, if you are smart enough, no one will dare steal your slim wallet.

7. Bulky wallets will compel you to clutter
Having many cards and documents in your wallet does not mean that you are using all of them in your daily activities. To eliminate carrying excess content in your wallet, it is a good idea to reach out for a slimmer wallet to help you in carrying only the most important items. The rest you may keep them safely at home. You can only take them with you if it is very necessary.

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