Democrats Confuse “The Survival Of The Fittest” With “Acceptance Of The Least Fit”

Darwin’s theory of the Survival of the Fittest was the reason Europeans were able to arrive in the strange New World and take control of the diverse tribal population on the massive land mass so easily: they had more technology at their disposal, their medical science was superior to the Amerind medicine man, and Europeans from a variety of nations were willing to form a larger society for their mutual benefit and cooperate with each other in order to form one successful nation, with one economy and one language, in North America.

But now that the nation of America has been so successful that it has set new records for the entire world in the form of individual citizen wealth, personal freedom and comfort, it is being forced by progressive Democrats to allow people from inferior nations to come here in wholesale numbers in order to escape mistreatment and poverty from their native countries. Of course, Democrats are also interested in forming an infinite voter base to keep themselves in power for decades to come, which may also enter into their push to establish sanctuary cities and demand that our borders be thrown open to all who wish to enter our nation regardless of health, education, criminal background, ability to speak our language, and regardless of any ability to hold and keep a job.

When the people that the Democrats are so anxious to welcome to our nation resort to waving their native flags in protest against perceived injustices in the America they just entered, and when those illegal entrants commit repeat crimes and join organizations dedicated to undermining our nation and its laws, it’s time to review exactly what Democrats are trying to accomplish with their radical ideas and their un-American and unconstitutional policies. I think it’s fair to assume that Democrats are not keeping an eye on the future prosperity of America nor on the welfare of American citizens, but are selfishly taking short term losses in an attempt to hold long-term elected power, all to the detriment of Americans who have worked all their lives to earn good livings for themselves and their children, and these same citizens are seeing all of their plans dissolve as waves of invaders enter our borders and slowly change our entire way of living and our entire way of life.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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