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Democratic Presidential Candidate Wants To Confiscate Your Guns And Throw You In Jail If You Resist

2020 presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell says he’ll institute a mandatory gun buyback program, and throw any citizens who defy it in prison.

The four-term Democratic representative from California appeared on CNN’s “State Of The Nation” Sunday, telling host Jake Tapper he wants to ban military-style assault weapons and establish a program similar to one implemented by New Zealand in the wake of their mosque shooting.

Citizens will be required to turn over qualifying guns or offered the alternative to store them in a gun club or firing range. Those who refuse will be criminally prosecuted.

“…the reason I’ve proposed this, is because these weapons are so devastating. I’ve seen this as a prosecutor in the cases I’ve prosecuted,” Swalwell explained. “I’ve seen these in the school shootings from Sandy Hook to Parkland…It’s not just the violence they’ve caused. It’s the fear, the immeasurable fear our children live in, because they’re still on our streets. I want to get rid of that fear.”

Tapper challenged the candidate, “I know you know this, but the vast majority of gun-related deaths in this country are not related these semiautomatic assault weapons,” he said. “..isn’t it fair to say you actually do want to take away people’s guns?”

Swalwell insisted that his proposal was not an incremental step toward a broader gun ban, “You know, keep your pistols, keep your long rifles, keep your shotguns,” Swalwell said. “I want the most dangerous weapons, the weapons of war out of the hands of the most dangerous people.”

Swalwell announced he would enter the crowded Democratic field for president April 14.

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One Comment

  1. Swalwell has sold his soul for cash. He loves the sound of that jingle. He checks his Cayman accounts hourly, for every time he advocates for gun control, another deposit arrives. Some people are so weak, so purposeless in real life. They wind up abandoning all morality, they kill all their better angels, and they conspire against those who voted them into office. Swalwell has gone to THE DARK SIDE, and he needs to be removed from office, NOW. He’s one of those people who believes that it is better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven.

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