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Can The Glory Of Notre Dame Be Restored? Or Will It Be Vandalized? (VIDEO)


The fires are out and the walls still stand strong, but can the ancient Cathedral of Notre Dame be restored to its intended glory?

Not without a fight.

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Every day we’re told the old ways don’t work and our society lacks the skills to achieve what our ancestors once did. Church designed and Catholic University professor James McCrery sat down with The Daily Caller News Foundation to explain the high chance for missteps in the comings years, and what it might mean for the thousand-year-old church.

With his firm McCrery Architects, McCrery designs homes, altars, libraries, monasteries and even cathedrals — all in the traditional and classical styles. McCrery, who just recently completed Knoxville, Tennessee’s Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, is the director of traditional and classical architecture at Catholic University.

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