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A Post-ISIS Question To Jihadis And Terrorists Everywhere: Why Is Your God Allowing You To Lose?

Of course all thinking people the world over know that the reason ISIS is losing it’s battle with the civilized world, aside from the fact that the wishy-washy Obama is gone and has been replaced in the Oval Office with a man of determination and principle, is that the goals of ISIS are evil and contrary to the way decent people behave, and that the mission of the western world in its opposition to these horrible people is in keeping with the teachings of Christianity and the way civilizations should behave, and the way people should be treated.

And now that a real man is in the Oval Office we are finally seeing the defeat of terrorism in the Middle East. So in light of this defeat of persons and policies who claim to have Allah on their side in their murderous and criminal efforts, one can wisely ask them why they are losing the battle with the western powers. If the murderous cause of terrorists is just and right and has their God on their side, then how is it possible for them to lose these latest critical battles, especially when they were so successful and had occupied so much land in their earlier, murderous, Obama-era tirade?

It’s obvious that the cause of terrorism is not a search for justice, nor is it an effort to find what’s right, and neither God nor Allah is on the side of these monsters. Just as the western powers brought defeat to the Hitler-Mussolini dictatorships of World War II, so the forces of decency and kindness have defeated the same sorts of murderous fiends in the Middle East. The deity of terrorism, whatever name this monster may go by, has deserted them and their cause because it’s counter to civilization.

It’s also possible that Allah, as opposed to simply denying them a win, is punishing the ISIS murderers for their absolute bestiality and insanity and the crimes they’ve committed against all that is good in the world. No God of peace would allow such a terrible swamp of criminals to exist for very long, and it appears their time is about up, thank God.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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