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6 Things to ask when renting a party bus

Many people love the fun and experience provided by party buses during special events. You can rent a party bus or a limousine for various occasions such as weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties or any other festive events. You can also use it to transport family, friends or employees to and from an event such as an outing or a concert.

But, there’s more to renting a party bus than just picking any bus that you love. You need a bus that will not only meet your needs, but also not cost you too much. Prior to renting any bus, here are 6 things to ask when renting a party bus so as to have a memorable time.

The cost

For you to get the best value for your money, you need to know the cost estimates earlier in advance. Party buses for hire are available at different costs which can either be on an hourly or flat rate. Find out if there are any surcharges, such as for fuel, and any other associated costs.

This will enable you to divide the costs among each passenger that’s paying if everyone will be paying separately. But, if you are paying for the bus as a single individual it will be much easier. Also, most party bus companies want an upfront deposit, so always be prepared with some cash.

Ask for a contract

Ask the company where you intend to hire the party bus for a contract with every fee listed clearly. In case they offer you one that is not easy to understand ask questions. By reading the terms and conditions in the contract you’ll know what to expect and avoid any hidden fees that you have to pay once you’ve already committed.

See the party bus

Most reputable companies will let you check out your bus prior to renting it. Find out if you can pay a visit to the company and see the party bus person first before paying. This is because online pictures online might look great but what’s on the ground might be different.  

The capacity of the bus

Though most party buses only fit a certain number of passengers, you can also get those that can accommodate an extra number of people. Find out the number of passengers that the party bus can carry alongside that which will be riding. It will be great if the bus can accommodate more passengers in case there are additional people who will pop up the last minute. Choose a party bus rental from the largest selection available.

Entertainment & refreshments

Find out if the company provides some form of entertainment such as music. Some companies offer radio or satellite radio while others don’t but will allow you to bring your own music on your iPod or mix CD. Know how many people are riding, the number of hours you expect to use the service and the distance you expect to ride. Also, find out more about the company’s policies and offerings for food and beverages.

Ask about additional improvements

Some companies arrange for decorations and have quality party buses that come with nice floors, roomy interior, custom lighting among other amenities.

Proper planning is key to ensuring that your party goes smoothly and provides the best experience that will last for a long time. Determine the routes that you would like to follow among other things.

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