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Traitors In Our Midst

For the better part of the last 100 years the American left has flirted with and embraced Communism as an ideal that Americans should accept as superior to Capitalism as practiced under our Constitutional government. In spite of Democrat love for Communism, Capitalism expanded and Communist/Socialist states around the world collapsed while their citizens suffered. But is forbidden to call Democrats who plotted against our capitalist economy “traitors”, which they are.

The only thing that has publicly brought American liberals to speak critically of Russia is the lie of a Trump/Russia collusion, that Democrats claim caused Hillary to lose to Donald Trump in 2016. The Democrat lie about collusion caused Democrats to pretend to reject Vladimir Putin, after Barack Obama swooned over and privately dealt with the Russian dictator for the eight years of his presidency. But one must not say there was collusion on the part of President Obama with his secret appeals to Putin to give him more time to get re-elected so he could do Putin’s bidding and undermine American security.

But, having to back off of a fondness for Russia because of the political convenience of hating an imagined Trump/Putin pact, American liberals wasted no time finding another style of governing to worship as they rejected the proven success of Capitalism. An entire movement of Democrat politicians, and virtually all of the Democrat 2020 presidential candidates, immediately took up the banner of Venezuelan Socialism and began promising government giveaways of everything that people enjoy and need, to be provided free under their new idea of an American presidential administration. The failing state of Venezuela had no blemishes that Democrats could identify, so they promised they would do the same things that has caused Venezuelan citizens to have no food and no medicines, and to be on the edge of revolution because of the total failure of the Socialist Maduro government.

Now we have Muslim women in the House of Representatives aggressively attacking Jews and Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East, along verbally abusing whatever Republican House member they can call racist at the moment, just because he’s there.

And one cannot fail to mention the traitorous Hillary Clinton who passed thousands of classified documents over an un-secure Email server, thereby risking American lives and our national security with her horrendous acts. But even though, on July 5, 2016, the Director of the FBI listed the many illegal and traitorous acts Hillary committed while she was Secretary of State, he decided not to seek prosecution for these numerous acts of treason. If James Comey’s refusal to send the Hillary case to a Grand Jury is not itself an act of treason, I can’t imagine what is.

It’s about time that Americans identified the majority of the Democrat party as being traitors and start bouncing their rear ends out of positions of power in our government.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Lock them up. The lot of them, liberals, and RINOs, and all the swamp scum inside the Beltway of Washington, D.C. (District of Criminals), lock them up and throw away the key, seize their illegally gotten gains they all seem to suddenly have a year or two after running for office and taking office, even though most have never held a real job in their life. There should be a MANDATORY yearly IRS audit of Every single person holding high office, it should be independently reviewed by people like Charles Ortel, John Williams at Shadow Stats, and one of the most important, experienced, and honest and decent specialists in this field, Catherine Austin Fitts.

    That is where you start, follow the money, that is the first step in criminal investigations. The American people have waited patiently Long Enough Mr. President, unseal those indictments Now, and let’s see perp walks from coast to coast, from New York, D.C., to the looney left in Chicago and California. No plea deals, only true justice to the fullest extent of the law, the same as poor Americans would have to face in such a circumstance if we did something even approaching what they do on a daily basis.

    Go back and retroactively negate and overturn Every law that Obama signed into law during his illegally manufactured time in office, since he is Provably not a U.S. born citizen. Require the likes of Omar, and Ocasio-Cortez, to take a loyalty oath to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, without exception. You either put your hand on the Bible when taking office and affirm before the Christian God this nation was founded on, or you don’t even get close to any office, not even dog catcher, or whoever Hillary’s handlers and trainers are currently.

    Go after the Fascist corporations that are above the law, those that fund and buy these politicians every election cycle, turn over our privacy to the bloated police state, with our taxpayer funded tax breaks and salaries. We would have billions in revenue after seizing assets and cutting them off of the government teat, and we could not only have a border wall, we could build a moat to go along with it, and stock it with Dr. Evil’s sharks with friggin’ lasers people. That isn’t asking too much, is it?

    Both parties are the same party practically, and we need to break their centuries-old monopoly over our government, our elections, our media, and our banking system under the illegal Federal Reserve corporation. We must have true election reform, and transparency in our elections, and remove fundraising from corporations. Fully audit our gold reserves, if any remain, and track down the thieves and criminals who stole it, the same as they did on 9/11 from the WTC, killing thousands of our citizens in the process and starting this phony War on Terror which they have created and fund. Deal with and stop at the border the illegal aliens, drugs, and radical Muslims, and deport the ones here, seizing their assets in the process.

    Declare a moratorium on welfare, and cut off health care for those who are unwilling to work for an honest living. Shut down 5G systems which damage our brains and bodies. Stop mandatory vaccinations with unsafe side effects. Level the playing field again in the media, breaking up the six major corporations which control more than 90% of everything we see and hear. Ban GMOs, and the corporations which produce and feed that garbage to the American people. Establish prison reform for nonviolent offenders rounded up in the ineffective and pointless War on Drugs, as most law enforcement support. Bring our troops home from these pointless wars that stretch on for decades, with countless and needlessly lost and destroyed lives.

    Rebuild our national infrastructure, including the grid, so we can compete with the rest of the world. Return prayer to the schools, and history and civics courses, so our children know who we are as a nation, and can freely choose to practice their Christian faith openly, and overhaul or throw out the Common Core educational system completely, so our children can learn to think for themselves instead of being wards of the state. Ban abortion nationwide. Overhaul the bloated health care system and pharmaceutical companies poisoning our people, and the insurance companies and lawyers profiting in the billions yearly.

    These are just a Few places I would start, and I could and would get it done starting the day I took office, we can skip the inauguration and show on the National Mall, and start by saving those tens of millions of dollars, a simple ceremony on the White House lawn would be enough, and we could broadcast it on the airwaves and stations we took back as the rightfully-owned people’s media. As JFK, attempted to do, break up the CIA into a thousand pieces, and investigate the FBI, replacing those who are traitors to our nation who hold positions there, while keeping the true patriots.

    I’d hold a weekly national address from the White House, which will be a lot easier since I won’t be flying around the world and bowing to Saudi royals, or meeting with globalists who threaten our national security and sovereignty. If we are going to return this nation to its national status and success, we need to cut those ties which don’t benefit it, instead put billions of dollars into the hands of other nations and groups which hate us. The UN will be kicked out of our nation, and we’ll rent the building out or sell the property. Israel gets no more billions, they can take care of themselves, we aren’t put on this planet to fight their wars.

    If this sounds like a reasonable and sensible plan, I could put it into action starting immediately if I had the position of policy development. I don’t care about the wealth, power, or fame. I want to get to work restoring our nation, without empty promises, but instead with a solid plan and timeline to get it done, with or without Congress if they won’t support our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Let the legal citizens’ votes count again, so their voice can be heard, and the power and choice is left to them. I will hold true to my oath of office, and fulfill my duties, in this, and all other matters, so help me God.

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