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The Mueller Witch Hunt Is Over, Now We Need To Punish The Democrat Witches That Created It

House Democrat Adam Schiff stated that he had seen the evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia, and his fellow Democrat, Eric Swalwell, has frequently stated that the evidence of Trump’s guilt was obvious. They are both political, partisan liars who have been proven wrong, now that the Mueller investigation has been closed with no charges against Trump. But the Democrats have so much invested in our president’s guilt and his administration’s failure that they will not turn loose of the subject, ever.

Already the Democrats will give no ground to their insistence of there having been collusion, and are still insisting that we wait until we’ve seen the entire Mueller report until they will admit they were wrong. And then when they see the full document and find no evidence of wrong-doing, they will take up the argument that Mueller missed some evidence or that there is strong evidence of President Trump subverting the investigation by firing James Comey, or that the president tampered with the evidence for having repeatedly called the investigation a which hunt, and they’ll commence a House investigation using the same old charges that have already been put to rest, and they’ll make the same lame arguments that have repeatedly come out of Schiff’s and Swalwell’s offensive mouths, because Donald Trump is a threat to the entire radical establishment of Washington and its Democrat swamp, and he is too certain of re-election in 2020, so he must be investigated and destroyed by this filthy leftist movement that is taking our nation down the drain of Socialism.

Numerous people, many of whom were innocent of any crimes at all, have been ruined financially or personally by the Mueller probe and its insistence on getting some dirt on Trump, and it’s my opinion that the Justice Department should delve into the sources of these leaks and the false evidence creation that began this investigation, and put someone on the lying Democrat side in jail. We know that the Obama administration used the FBI and the Department of Justice to spy on the Trump campaign, which is the most dangerous and un-American thing ever done in American political history. If a president can generate phony evidence to be used against his political opponents and then spy on people campaigning against him, our entire system of governing and having elections is completely at an end. The Comeys, the Pages, the McCabes, the Strzoks, the Lynchs, the Orrs, the Steels, all of whom subverted the 2016 election in favor of electing Hillary and keeping Trump out of office, must he punished to the fullest extent of the law for their mal-deeds.

And now that the Mueller investigation is complete and Trump has been exonerated, the idiot Democrats are trying to reverse course and continue the persecution of President Trump, trying to defame him in lesser ways than the previous attempt with Mueller, but still trying to keep the heat on so the uninformed Democrat voter will think that there is something illegal or improper that Trump did, and praying that more digging will uncover it. The decent citizens of this great nation must rise up and tell elected Democrats to halt their juvenile tantrums and return to being legislators once more, and not pretend to be prosecutors. That leaves the corrupt leftist press to push the issue of Trump’s guilt, which push has already begun in earnest, but that can’t be avoided in an America which still has a functioning constitution in which the press can ignore absolute crimes by Democrats, but campaign vigorously for investigations against Republicans where there is not even a hint of scandal.

And now that the cloud has been lifted from over President Trump’s head, he needs to push forward full bore with building the southern border wall, expanding the economy, disarming North Korea, blocking Iran and the other things he was elected to do. America needs his leadership at this hour of national peril.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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