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The Death Of American Journalism – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Now, YOU are the News

If the Russia collusion hoax taught us one thing, it’s this: journalism is dead in this country.

I’m talking about the mainstream corporate media. You know, like the once-revered New York Times, which was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for its ‘reporting’ Russian Collusion. It was nothing but Hillary’s ‘insurance policy.’ She started the lie to bring down Trump and the Times faithfully helped her. Don’t expect them to give back their prize. They still haven’t given back the Pulitzer won by their reporter, Walter Duranty, who wrote glowing reports about Stalin’s Soviet Union. All lies, but socialism is always good in such circles.

Here in America, the socialist-leaning media no longer reports facts. Instead they relay and endlessly repeat the lies given to them by the Deep State and Hillary Clinton. When Obama was in charge, the media was on his side. They now claim Obama’s administration was ’scandal free,’ a blatant lie. Obama’s reign resulted in a long string of scandals and law breaking, but he got support from the corporate media who buried or under-investigated his negative events at every turn.

We’ve long known that those on the left dominate journalism, but at least they occasionally maintained the façade of objectivity and fairness. Not any more. Trump exposed them for what they really are: partisan hacks and liars.

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Some opinion makers such as comedian Bill Maher swallowed the Russia collusion Kool Aid so deeply that he now refuses to accept Mueller’s findings. Militantly
ignorant, he remains convinced–without any evidence–that President Trump is a

Rachel Maddow spent countless episodes banging the Russia drum.

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