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The best practices, examples and much more about experiential marketing

We all know about the benefits and the “what-is-it” for a traditional advertisement campaign. The conventional campaign through the televised media, internet or even the local newspaper allows the consumer to self-educate about the brand and the products on offer.

However, experiential marketing increases the user experience for the consumer. Here you can experience a brand, and the strategy essentially veers away from the traditional mode in this regard. Experiential marketing is also known as engagement marketing, and it comprises of many marketing strategies, thereby making it a potent cocktail for consumers to get hooked on to. For a novel experiential marketing campaign for your service, you can check out the industry experts Roots3 Productions.

What does it do?

In essence, experiential marketing strategies are directed towards giving the customers a completely immersive experience by engaging them in various ways. As the investor, if you would want the customers to form a strong permanent bond built on emotional connections this particular marketing strategy is ideal for you. What you ultimately want is brand to which customers are loyal to thereby improving the CLV metric or the Customer Lifetime Value.

So, here are some of the best experiential marketing practices. Let us have a look,

The best practices

Thinking beyond the box

To enjoy success and the proverbial fruit of labor with this one of a kind strategy is to think outside the box. It is not just about the attractive offers that you dole out to the customers. It is not even the free samples, but the real magic is in putting consumers in groups for the ultimate immersive experience. You need to go beyond the simple PR stunts, display ads, the social media, and other promoted content and stir the positive response from your audience. If you want the repeat visits, you need to get the strategy right.

Make the campaign consumer-centric

Think about employing the best practices and make good use of them. That is the mantra for any marketing strategy. The best way to ensure the immersive experience and customer loyalty is to have an approach where the consideration of interests with respect to the consumer come first. Think of yourself as the customer and ask yourself what you would ideally want to experience? It will ensure the engagement metrics for your campaign as a whole. You might even end up fostering a brand ambassador! These warriors for the brand are the top salespeople with respect to promoting the brand.

Have a story in mind

You need to believe in the power of storytelling. Experiential marketing is for storytelling and the stronger the story, the stronger is the connection with the consumers. You are striving to create a strong emotional response and this why the story should be as true as possible. Think about it; what would you like? To hear a well told story or experience one especially at a deep emotional level? This is your chance to have the story of the brand told to your customer on a perfect platform for expressing the novelties and features for the campaign or the service. Engage the audience in a true story which you can infuse with personalities that the audience will relate to and root for. Plan it like a movie, have a sequence including the beginning, middle and the end; the whole nine yards!

There are a few additional practices that can be employed as well, these include,

  • Setting of clear goals and outcomes right at the start of the investment
  • Determining ways and setting up the infrastructure required for monitoring goals and outcomes
  • Start with identification and thorough research of the ideal target market for your need
  • Devise an exciting and impactful creative content
  • Never overlook the online engagement metrics so leverage your social media accounts and other channels
  • Add value to the content, do it for your consumers
  • Always remember why experiential marketing works

There are certain benefits of experiential marketing over the traditional marketing option. The following section of the article deals with the advantages you get by investing in one.

The benefits of experiential marketing

The strategy should never be confused with the PR stunt strategy that has become so commonplace these days. But in essence, the strategy is driven by the most potent tool like advertising, word of mouth. Research conducted by various expert agencies including Google and Ogilvy all points to the fact that consumers actually get influenced by word of mouth. It leaves behind all the print media, televised media, movies, and even the websites. With experiential advertising campaign, you can drive up to 50-80% increase in sales in any product category. However, the catch is you have to get it right. Make those strong connections; start building your campaign today.

There are some great examples of experiential marketing campaigns and some absolutely “cool” so to speak. Here are some of them as chosen by our experts,

  • The #WeighThis campaign which resulted in 204 million impressions
  • Google’s record of 400,000 votes in three and a half weeks for the Build a Better Bay Area campaign
  • The GE Healthymagination campaign which was a winner at the prestigious Business Marketing Association Tower Award

The key to making this work hinges on the effort and time you invest in developing the plan and the content delivery. Give the consumers the opportunity to interact with the brand at a personal level. You can even make the campaign event centric, but they should always be interactive with the brand.

Additional resources you can use with experiential marketing

For the ideal campaign strategy, you can go for the following,

  • You can go for Customer Experience Marketing as there are many benefits to be had by devising an effective strategy.
  • To create a great digital content experience for customers, you need to rope in top experts from the field to devise the ideal strategy for you.
  • Additionally, you can also invest in a conversational marketing campaign to have an all-around cover for all your advertising requirements.

We hope that the article helps you in formulating a positive opinion for an experiential marketing campaign and why it is highly essential in the present context.

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