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Private Investigators: The Weirdest and Strangest Experiences

Being a private investigator can mean looking into all sorts of weird and wonderful cases and in doing so having a lot of strange experiences.

Whether it’s process serving or looking into an ex or current partner, there are all sorts of bizarre ways people act and odd things that happen. Here are some of the oddest we’ve heard of.

When An Ex Was Mistaken For A Crazy Cult Member

I may be late to the party but I am a private investigator. In my line of work, I have seen people do some crazy things; however, one of the weirdest cases was when a guy was convinced the members of the church next to his home set his house on fire. Let me tell you about it.

The guy informed us about how members of the church would come to his car and pray for it to break down, and then it would. He said they came to his home and prayed for it to burn down, and it eventually did. It turns out that the church mentioned was not a typical church – it was a cult. When I say cult, I really mean a cult. However, it wasn’t the cult that burned the guy’s house down. No, that was the resident’s insane ex-boyfriend; and I thought I would be interviewing cult members for ages.

A Teenage Boy Would Have Investigated It For Free

It’s your former private investigator here! In the majority of cases I worked, large litigation firms and financial institutions were always involved because of insider trading, embezzlement or fraud. In some situations, we would receive some odd requests from crazy millionaires. One man despised his brother and hired our services to investigate him regarding different things. I had to investigate whether the brother was using his ambassadorial or former ambassadorial title inappropriately – apparently, there are several laws prohibiting this.

A further hedge fund manager hired my services to investigate himself (yes, you read that correctly) to see what information was available to blackmail him and his family. This guy had hired me previously to review several porn sites after his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend stated that she was a porn star. Our team ran hundreds of searches through adult websites and watched numerous porn videos. The result was, needless to say, that we couldn’t find her anywhere. I bet if they had paid a group of teenagers they would have found videos of the girl if they really existed!

The Hedge Fund Manager Wanting To Investigate Himself

In most cases I worked as a private investigator, there would be an element of financial wrongdoing including insider trading, fraud or embezzlement. As such, litigation firms or financial institutions would need to be contacted if they weren’t the ones under investigation. One of the strangest cases I came across with these large institutions was a hedge fund manager who wanted to investigate his own files. He did this to check the type of information available for blackmailing either him or his family. It was this man that hired the PI firm to search adult sites after his girlfriend’s ex claimed she starred in adult films.

A Woman Claims To Blind While Driving In A Church Van

As a private investigator, I was once hired to follow a female who claimed she was completely blind but still drove a van. Despite collecting insurance money on her disability, this lady spent days driving from store to store using a church van.

He Was Paid For This?

People want strange things, and one person I know wanted to know what their cat was doing when they were at work. He paid me to follow the cat and find out. I didn’t like washing my time, but work isn’t always flowing as a private investigator and you need to take what you can receive. It turned out that the cat merely walked the streets, climbed trees, licked itself – y’know, cat things.

An Old Man Cheats On His Younger Wife Continuously

One of the saddest cases I have worked was when an accountant in his 60s was suspected of cheating by his gorgeous 24-year-old wife. He was suspected of sleeping with his receptionist who was, compared to the wife, far below par on the attractiveness scale. Actually, that’s putting it nicely – she looked like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit all the branches.

We were paid to follow the accountant on a night when he was supposedly “working late”. As suspected, the accountant and his secretary left the office and headed to a bar. After a little while, the couple returned to her car and we obtained some evidence of them having sex in the back seat. When we handed the evidence to our client, she burst into tears before paying our fee.

You know what the sad part is? The really sad part of this story? This gorgeous wife has returned to hire our services four times! Each of the times she suspected her husband of cheating, and each of the times she was correct – we literally caught him with his pants down. After approximately $15,000 in PI fees, we sat the woman down and explained we couldn’t take any more work from her. It was too cruel to continue taking her money and show her footage of the ugly secretary shagging her old husband.

We never saw her again, and I hope she took him for every dime!

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