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House Passes Resolution To Make Mueller Report Public


The House of Representatives passed a resolution which would make Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into President Donald Trump’s campaign public when it is completed.

The resolution was passed unanimously in a 420-0 vote Thursday. There were four members who voted “present.”

“I’ve said to millions of Americans on television that I support releasing the Mueller report,”  Florida Republican Matt Gaetz told The Hill when asked why he voted present. “I take specific exception to the elements of the resolution noting praise for Mueller, without also noting the criticism of his very biased staffing decisions,” he added. “It’s like he was fishing for talent in the Hillary Clinton fan club aquarium.”

The non binding resolution, means Mueller and Attorney General William Barr do not have to release any information that does not have to do with Mueller’s probe. This comes as news broke Thursday that Mueller’s “pit bull,” Andrew Weissmann, a Justice Department official is leaving the Russia investigation, hinting that the probe might be wrapping up.

Democrats will still say Trump’s presidency is illegitimate regardless of the findings, current and former Trump administration officials told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

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