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Collusion Truthers Refuse to Give Up – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Collusion Truthers Refuse to Give Up

The Mueller Report has wrapped up after a grueling two-plus years. The findings are no collusion and no obstruction of justice by Trump and his campaign.

The radical Left and the Democrat party (I repeat myself) had their hopes and dreams pinned to the outcome of Mueller’s 300-page report. Those dreams were dashed, destroyed, and crushed on Sunday when “No Collusion” findings were released.

The Fake News Media was stunned. The radical Democrats were shocked. Trump was vindicated and took a victory lap at his rally in Michigan on Thursday night.

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One Comment

  1. WHAT, Are the Democrats AFRAID to do the People’s business? Do they not have answers to our REAL crisis, like the border and healthcare so they use these Russian collusion delusions as a SMOKESCREEN, because that is what I think it is, They have no answers and they do not want to really do any work, but play the blame game and still get their salaries, their perks, their pensions and look all mighty and important…
    In Fact the Democrats have NOTHING to offer, just look at their cast of candidates for 2020, are they offering anything,,,because platitudes that is -oh, and of course more blame to go around!

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