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Why Are Awesome Writing Skills Important in Today’s Internet Businesses?

It’s 2019, why would anyone need writing skills? It’s the age of the Internet, VR, and robots.

Well, the consensus now is that content is king. Whatever you do on the web is mostly connected with writing.

Even if your presence on the web is restricted to a flashy website, it’s the words that lead customers to the purchase.

Read on to learn why using words is still relevant in 2019.


If you’re an entrepreneur who is just starting out in the business, you may want to write the blog on your website on your own. If you don’t have enough budget to cover the full range of SEO services, this is especially relevant.

The thing is, you can’t find copywriters that would write great articles about a narrow niche. The ones you find will charge a fortune. So writing is yourself first may be a good choice.

Even if you already have a content department running, you may need awesome writing skills for blogging. Blogging is not only a way of promoting your business online but promoting yourself.

You can write for different blogs that are centered around your industry. Not only do you have the possibility to mention your business, but also you can work on your public image.

These kinds of places often bring new connections as you respond to comments and private messages on the platform.

The ultimate advice on blogging is making your article as rich as possible. You may have found your way as a college student from an article like Go as deep as you need to cover the whole topic as in this article, and people will appreciate it.

Personal emails

Business correspondence means a lot. In some cases, it’s a matter of life and death for your business. Especially, if you rely on getting a couple of big clients a year.

Email is short, and you have to pack a lot of meaning in no more than 500 words. You have to be precise and don’t beat around the bush. Yet, you shouldn’t sound salesy either. That takes a lot of skill.

While emails are often a first step towards arranging a meeting or call, you have to use writing to your advantage to get that.

For instance, many emails don’t get read at all because of a bad topic line. The topic of the email should be catchy but not misleading. It should make reading the email worthwhile.

Social media

Social media may seem a simple tool, but the stakes are actually higher here. You might have seen this in the stories about President Trump’s tweets. One wrong step and the media is all over you.

Your personal twitter account won’t be under as much scrutiny as @POTUS, but word usage is very important. Twitter people like catchy phrases, smart comments on the latest hashtags, and snappy comebacks in conversations.

The problem here is to fit your thoughts in 280 characters in such a way that people listen to you. Apart from exercising brevity, you can try getting into hashtags that are tangential to your business to get exposure.

The best twitter advice is avoiding politics. Post one slightly political tweet, and you’ll spend the rest of your days debating people instead of working on business networking.

The future of writing

AI can create pretty accurate pictures of a human face now. It also writes music on the go. The odds are, AI will pretty soon be able to mimic texts written by people.

This doesn’t mean business writing has to end. Whether it is writing your business blog, or convincing a customer to increase their spending, personal writing skills will be always relevant.

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