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Updated Newswire Reviews: Find Effective Press Release Distribution Service for your business

In 1906, the first press release was sent by Ivy Lee, the founder of modern public relations. PR Newswire and Business Wire were founded in 1954 and 1961 respectively.

The existence of newswires made it possible for businesses to distribute their news largely. They pay for a fee in exchange for the services.

With the advent of the internet in 1990, newswires were able to send news directly to the consumers. Commercial newswires continued to evolve that changed the media landscape.

Let’s look at newswire reviews to know the top newswire companies that were assessed based on cost, feature, customer service, add-ons, packages and more. The 10 most effective press release distribution companies include the following:

  1. eReleases: It is reckoned as the top distribution service, providing companies with the widest distribution at the most affordable price.

  2. Newswire: It is known for its excellent customer service and support.

  3. PR Distribution: It is ideal for startups, searching for low-cost distribution.

  4. PRWeb: It is best for giving feedback for press releases before it goes live.

  5. Send2Press: It is perfect for businesses that want to reach local and regional targets.

  6. PR Newswire: It is recommended for companies with industry-specific and niche targets.

  7. Marketwired: Being the best roots from its leadership in distribution.

  8. Business Wire: It is also known for its leadership in the arena.

  9. Cision: It is known for its integrated solutions.

  10. PR Underground: It offers great distribution for small companies.

The top 4 PR services are Newswire, Marketwired, Cision and Business Wire, according to the data published by G2Crowd. The review noted Marketwired and Business Wire long history in distribution, Newswire is known for its customer service while Cision for its all-in-one distribution solution.

Small businesses and startups are looking for distribution companies that offer affordable packages and help them promote their message broadly. Most companies are after the quality of service they provide. They also consider the cost and services with strong reputations.

Let’s discuss the comparison of these services:

  1. Newswire

Newswire has a wide network of 1,200 + media outlets. They offer a distribution package starting at $119. Their services include wire distribution, media database, media monitoring, writing service, newsroom, and media outreach.


Single Distribution

Businesses can choose from their flexible packages. They have a single distribution called Premium ($119), Premium Plus ($359), State Newsline ($699) and National Newsline ($1,199). Each plan varies in terms of media distribution, features, upgrades, and analytics.

Monthly Distribution

Clients can choose from Professional ($399), Small Business ($699) and Enterprise ($1,599) plans for their monthly subscription. It varies on distribution, newsroom, media database, influence, and monitoring.

Annual Distribution

They provide Professional ($317 per month), Small Business ($558 per month) and Enterprise ($1, 271 per month). It is offered at 20 percent off for a yearly plan.

Customer Service:

Newswire is popular and noted for its excellent customer service and support. Their customer service staff is available 24 x 7 through a chat box that responds to clients in an instant.

Clients can also submit a topic or a question in a search box to find answers to their questions. They have a help desk that offers immediate answers to common questions pertaining to general and FAQs, distribution, outreach, analytics, newsroom, and influence. In case they can’t find the answer to their inquiries, they can submit a ticket so that the staff can get in touch with them the soonest time possible.

Newswire is admired for its extensive staff support. They assist clients in navigating the process from choosing your plans, writing, inserting multimedia and more.


Newswire needs to improve its process by including more customization of the releases. They are admired for their excellent customer service. Their clients attested that they provide quick, helpful and outstanding support.

  1. eReleases

eReleases provides extensive distribution service with a network of reporters, blogs, minor and major media outlets. They offer a single distribution for $299, $399 and $499.

It is recommended for businesses looking for affordable packages and wide distribution. They relate to a huge network of media.


They offer distribution packages of $299, $399 and $499. Niche industry targeting and niche distribution are also offered for $100 each. Aside from the mentioned, they provide writing service for an extra fee.

Distribution Packages:

  • Buzz Builder ($299) includes 400-word release, basic distribution to 4, 200 media outlets, 75 guaranteed PR Website post, the inclusion of 1 image, turnaround time is 3 days after the submission. If clients want a next day distribution, they must add $100.
  • Newsmaker ($399) includes 500-word release, distribution to 4, 200 network, plus additional distribution to industry-specific list and 100 PR media sites, the inclusion of 1 image and video and a permanent release link for sharing. It is ideal for small companies that target industry-specific niche.
  • PR Pro ($499) includes 600- word release, basic distribution to 4, 200 media outlets and an additional 150 media sites, the inclusion of 2 images and 1 embedded video and a permanent link release link for sharing. It is best for businesses that want to promote their news to general news outlets and industry-specific list, with additional investment and want to have regular news coverage.

Customer Service:

The service offers different ways to communicate with clients including chat, phone, and email. They respond to inquiries right away. If the question requires additional information, they usually return after one business day.


eReleases offer instant distribution (within one business day processing) but will charge clients an additional $100. It doesn’t permit embedding of more than 2 images or videos. They don’t allow clients to choose the time of distribution, only the date.

  1. PR Distribution

The newswire offers a wide network of distribution at an affordable price. It promises a good return-on-investment (ROI). They offer writing services for $45 and $99.


Single Distribution

They provide a single distribution called Premium at $69 that includes 35+ guaranteed placement of your news, Google News, Bing and Yahoo inclusion, social media blast, SEO mass ping, financial feeds, and blog outreach. It offers features of local, regional and national syndication, the inclusion of logo or image and video, unlimited count and social media comments. Clients can receive comprehensive reporting.

The Premium Pro ($129) provides the same media distribution as Premium, plus reaching top tier newswire, the same features plus press release SEO audit, support via live chat, email and ticket, comprehensive reporting, report CSV download, and 100+ guaranteed placements.

The Premium Concierge plan ($299) offers 200+ guaranteed placement of your news, the same media distribution as the Premium and Premium Pro plans, top tier newswire, concierge perpetual wire, the same features, support, and analytics.

Monthly Distribution

Clients can choose from Regular, Private Label and Unbranded for monthly subscription plans. Under each monthly package, they can opt if they want 2, 4, 8 and 16 press releases distribution. Each comes at different rates.

Yearly Distribution

Their yearly distribution plan offers a discounted price. Clients can choose if they want regular, private label or unbranded.

Customer Service:

They can be reached through phone, email and live chat. Clients can also leave a message in the contact us form to get the answer for their questions.


There are feedbacks that it takes time for them to respond to emails and phone calls. At some point, there were reports through Facebook and Reddit that some clients paid for their distribution service and get no distribution. They need to improve the process of submitting release because they don’t offer a formal press release form.

  1. PRWeb

PR Web is a Cision-owned distribution service known for its vast network of 4,000+ distribution list and professional editing of release for $99. It is ideal for businesses that have no skills, time and experience in press release writing. They offer additional services, including enhanced placement, targeted media email distributions and targeted Twitter feeds for an additional cost.


They offer plans from $99 to $399. All their packages come with editing services.

Standard: The plan costs $189 with no word limit, basic distribution to 4,200 media outlets, 50 posts on press release only, turnaround time of 2 days and permanent live link. Clients can’t include an image or embed a video.

Advanced: It costs $289 and comes with a permanent link to releases, direct distribution of your news to a specific industry list of journalists and bloggers.

Premium: It costs $399 that includes distribution of your release to influential bloggers and industry-curated Twitter feeds. They email your story directly to relevant influencers.

Customer Service:

They can be reached via phone or a contact form. Clients can also connect with them through social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blog.


They are commended for being helpful. However, they don’t return at once when clients inquired. They have a long waiting time for their editorial services.

  1. Send2Press

Send2Press provides distribution and writing packages for $199. They offer a unique feature of geo-targeting. It is recommended for businesses that want to reach local media sites.


Standard State + Online ($99): It includes 1,000-word release, basic distribution to 4, 200 outlets, 100 posts on release only news sites, no inclusion of image or video and permanent live link.

Standard Industry + Regional ($149): It includes 1 200- word release, basic distribution to 4, 200 outlets, 200 posts on release only news sites, the inclusion of 1 embedded video and a permanent live link.

Premium National PLUS ($199): It includes 1,200-word release, basic distribution to 4, 200 outlets, 250 posts on release only news sites, the inclusion of 1 embedded video and a permanent live link.

Customer Service:

They respond immediately on calls but don’t offer a chat box. It takes one day before their staff reply to emails. There are complaints of bad customer service from clients.


They don’t offer a wide distribution. The majority of clients they have served are contented with their service. They find the service useful because of the results.

  1. PR Newswire

PR Newswire is one of the oldest distribution companies that have a large media database and networks. They provide industry-specific targeting. Their plans are more expensive and require a membership fee to use the service.


The Company requires membership of $195 yearly o top of the distribution package. Their plans start at $350.

State & Local: The package costs $195 membership plus $350 that includes 400-word release, 1,000 basic distribution, 125 placements on news sites, no inclusion of images or videos.

Regional & Top Markets: The plan is $195 plus $575 covering 400-word release, 1,500 basic distribution, 200 placements with no inclusion of image or video and permanent live link.

National: The plan cost $195 plus $805 for 400-word release, 5,800 outlets basic distribution, 250 placements and no inclusion of images or videos and permanent live links.

Businesses that want to include images and embed videos can include the feature for an additional of $325.

Customer Service:

They can be reached via phone, email, and chat. They have a quick response time.


It is more expensive because they require a business to be a member first before they can get any distribution package. It is not ideal for small companies and startups with a very limited budget. They don’t allow embedding of videos and inclusion of images in any of the plans unless clients will pay extra.

The process of submitting a release is confusing because the site doesn’t offer a user-friendly design. They must improve the overall submission because it is tedious to most businesses because they need to sign up to use the platform, pay membership, sign up for the package and create their profile.

  1. Marketwired

Marketwired merged with NASDAQ in 2016. They are known for social media targeting.


They don’t offer any pricing information on their site.

Customer Service:

They have editors that call clients before the distribution to inform you of your mistakes in writing the release. Clients can email them to make any changes made without going back to the dashboard.


The service is easy to use and offers fast submission of your news. They have reporting that allows you to see the placement of your news. The dashboards are easy to use. The site is user-friendly too.

  1. Business Wire

Business Wire is a Berkshire Hathaway company known for its SEO and editorial features. It is called the enterprise service of the group. The service offers a more expensive package compared to any other service.

It created the NX distribution network that allows distribution to more than 89, 613 media outlets in 162 countries.


The service offers a package that starts at $325. They don’t provide any details about their pricing aside from that. Reviews from renowned sites found that their plans fall at a higher cost.

Customer Service:

They are commended for their live and effective customer support. They get back in time, responds very quickly and have approachable staff.


It is a perfect tool for distributing news. They are connected to a vast network giving your news more exposure. Although they provide extensive service, their plans are more expensive than other services.

  1. Cision

Cision is known as the best all-in-one platform. It is best for its distribution via PR Newswire, finding information of journalists, bloggers, and editorial calendars and monitoring online and print pickups.


The service doesn’t offer any pricing information on their site. However, based on reviews, they offer relatively more expensive packages.

Customer Service:

They can be contacted through phone, chat and social media. Clients can sign for a demo.


The service is easy to use, but the signing up process is tricky. It helps businesses to gain attention to their stories because they have a huge network of journalists and media outlets.

Some clients complain of not getting any engagement from their distribution. They recommend more specific targeting. It is ideal for companies with a big budget and not for startups and small companies.

  1. PR Underground

PR Underground is an online distribution service that is perfect for startups and small companies with a very limited budget. Their package starts at $25 per release.


Prumax ($299): Includes 500-word release, sent to search engines and major media outlets and social media distribution.

Starter ($49.99): It includes 1 release sent to major sites and Google news. It offers SEO and social media distribution and multiple newsrooms.

Gold ($99): The plan includes 3 releases each month, social media distribution and multiple newsrooms and SEO releases.

Premium ($149): The plan includes 6 releases each month, social media distribution and multiple newsrooms and SEO releases.

Customer Service:

Their customer service staff are approachable and quick to respond. They are very responsive and timely.


Clients reported pickups by major media outlets that boost their site traffic. Businesses have better visibility. It’s the best option for companies with a very low budget for distribution. It’s best if used with other PR tactics.

Press release distribution services are the solutions if you want to gain exposure to your business. If you want to secure media coverage, you need to combine it with other PR tactics.

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