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Unelected EU Council President Donald Tusk Declares “There is a Special Place in Hell” For All Brexit Supporters Who He Claims Have No Plan

Unelected EU President Donald Tusk says there is a special place in hell for Brexiteers.

The unelected European Union Council President Donald Tusk declared in a Tweet that “I’ve been wondering what that special place in hell looks like, for those who promoted , without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it out safely.”  The EU and Europhiles say that Brexit supporters don’t have any plan on what to do regarding leaving the European Union but ignores any Brexit supporter when they say what the plan is.

Brexit supporting MPs have slammed the unelected EU President for his comments as they feel vindicated when they say that the European Union elites are elitist, out of touch and arrogant.

Leading Brexiteer Conservative MP for Northeast Somerset Jacob Rees Mogg slammed Tusk’s comments saying “Mr Tusk is hardly in the Aquinas class as a theologian and he seems to have forgotten the commandment about not bearing false witness.”

Former UKIP leader and Brexit architect “After Brexit, we will be free of unelected, arrogant bullies like you and run our own country. Sounds more like heaven to me.”

House Leader Andrea Leadsom MP for South Northamptonshire slammed Donald Tusk’s calling for him to apologize for his “disgraceful” and “spiteful” comments

“I’m sure that when he reflects on it he may well wish he hadn’t done it,” Leadsom told BBC Radio 4’s World.

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis, when asked on ITV Peston’s programme how he felt “when President Tusk practically reserved your place in hell?”, said: “Perhaps he’ll join us there.

“When people throw insults around it says more about them than the people they’re insulting.”

An even more aggressive response came from Sammy Wilson spokesman of the DUP the government who keeps Theresa May’s minority government afloat. Wilson in a blistering response said,

“This devilish Euro maniac is doing his best to keep the United Kingdom bound by the chains of EU bureaucracy and control. It is Tusk and his arrogant EU negotiators who have fanned the flames of fear in an attempt to try and overturn the result of the referendum.”

Some Pro European Union leaders and politicians feeling like Tusk’s comments have hurt the cause of the EU, have warned him of the consequences or outright slammed Tusk.

Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar warned the sneering unelected EU President he would be in “terrible trouble” over the comments in which he made about Brexiteers he claims without evidence don’t have a solution.

Former Greek Finance Minister and left-wing economist Yanis Varoufakis who is Pro EU but warns there must changes if it is to survive replied to the comments from the unelected EU President saying: “Probably very similar to the place reserved for those who designed a monetary union without a proper banking union and, once the banking crisis hit, transferred cynically the bankers’ gigantic losses onto the shoulders of the weakest taxpayers.”

The concerns among pragmatist Europhile politicians is the comments will further strengthen Eurosceptics across much of Europe which has turned evermore Eurosceptic, especially as the citizens of many EU countries are already very divided on membership.

Personal attacks against the side one negotiates with has never shown to be helpful for trying to find a deal, and Tusk’s comments are widely regarded as making the chances of a No Deal Brexit much higher.

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