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This Debt Kicks Can – Ben Garrison Cartoon

The national debt is now over $22 trillion and continues to skyrocket.

Meanwhile, a bipartisan Congress passed another bloated budget package that Trump will sign—even though they gave him a fraction of what he wanted for the southern border wall. That, however, is a subject for a separate cartoon. Congress passed the massive spending deal and many didn’t even bother to read it. What difference does it make anyway? Why not run up the debt to $23 trillion or even $223 million billion trillion quadrillion? They can and will keep kicking that debt can down the road, right?


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That debt is owed due to our immoral system of money that strips wealth from American citizens and puts it into the pockets of the central bankers who own The Federal Reserve. As I’ve said before, The Federal Reserve is neither Federal or a Reserve. It’s a private, for-profit corporation that controls our money supply. They’re able to print money up out of thin air–or push a button to create it electronically out of thin air. This is the source of the debt. They create money and we pay them back through taxes. The Feds collected record tax revenues and a lot of that tax money goes toward paying the interest on the debt. Forget about the principal. It means we will have to pay more and more taxes just keep our heads above water while global bankers get richer and more powerful.

Congress has the power to control our system of money. It’s in the Constitution. Woodrow Wilson foolishly handed that power over to a cabal of private bankers in 1913. The country got along fine without an income tax, but that was inflicted upon us in order to pay bankers their interest.  Trump can nationalize the Fed and stop such a vile system. We need to anchor our money system to gold and silver, which are Constitutional money. If we can’t do that we can at least print debt-free money and cut out the central banker middlemen. Lincoln did that when he printed up greenback dollars to help fund the Civil War. We also need to end fractional reserve banking.

We can’t keep kicking the debt can down the road. Soon, it will be kicking us.

—Ben Garrison

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