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Bigger Government, And Greater Government Control, Preceded Socialist Dictators Like Hitler, Stalin And Maduro

Not long ago some fool liberal Democrat complained that far-right Republicans/conservatives wanted to take over the government and create a dictatorship. This ignorant person, and other like-minded leftists, needs to be reminded that the scope or spread of politics is a straight line going from total dictatorship on the far left, to a non-government far right, lacking any control and with no governing power, resulting in chaos and no government services whatever.

As one moves to the political right from a constitutional government, such as we have in America, toward the far right, there is no point at which heavy government control exists. The further right one gets, the less government and the fewer governmental controls are to be found. And the further to the left one gets from the constitutional center, the less freedom the citizens have as government becomes more dominant, until total dictatorship is declared and no citizen has any rights any longer.

No Republican wants the chaos to be found on the far right; they respect and support America’s constitution with it’s clearly stated and defined roles and duties of government, with all other rights being exercised by the individual states or by the people themselves. Republicans want to preserve and continue the constitution and the rule of law that has always been the way Americans have conducted government.

The ultra left of the Democrat party, including Cortez, Sanders, Warren, Harris and others, all want increased government control over the lives of American citizens, which, as we look at Nazi Germany or the Communist Soviet Union, has always been the starting point for complete dictatorial control over individual actions and aspirations. Socialist Venezuela must also be added to this list because of its relevance as being a current disastrous political event, and being a formerly wealthy nation that is crumbling into poverty under leftist, government control and outrageous suffering by its citizens.

Liberals are completely uninformed about these things, and their thinking that Republicans want to take over the government is proof of their ignorance. Leftist policies always lead to less wealth for both the nation and the individual citizens, and lead to great suffering as the controls expand and strangle liberty and prosperity. Republicans want to limit the leftward drift of government and keep our government limited to the powers granted it in our constitution.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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