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AOC’s Bar-Drink Up Suckers – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Before Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was elected to congress at the tender age of 29, she was a bartender and waited tables. She has never run a business, nor did she served in local government.

We are not putting bartenders down—there are a lot of good people serving fantastic drinks. Yet most of them never go on to serve in congress.

From AOC’s Raw Green Deal to her defending anti-Semitic comments by Rep IIhan Omar, AOC has shown America what she has been drinking all this time—a strong swirl of Marxist kool-aid coupled with a shot of Hitler.

In the New Radical Democrat party, that’s the norm. Holding a moderate view is now the extreme.

The Radical Democrats have become the party of open borders, late-term abortion, anti-Semitism, socialism, and now cow farts.

They have become so disconnected from reality and our American Values that they are imploding before our very eyes.

Photo from Nov.14,2017, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 28, working at the bar.

To the uneducated, AOC’s bar offers you the best in socialist hard liquor. To the rest of us, it just looks like kool-aid from Jonestown.

MABA: “Make AOC Bartend Again”

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