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AOC, As The Worm Turns – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, (also known as ‘Occasional Cortex,’ or ‘Ocrazio,’) spoke out against billionaire Jeff Bezos, (also known as ‘Dr. Evil,’). We know that AOC despises rich people and especially considers billionaires to be ‘immoral.’

Yet her wormy outspokenness against Amazon bringing thousands of jobs to New York caused Bezos to lose his appetite for the Big Apple.

Yeah, I know we shouldn’t reduce her name down to an acronym similar to JFK or RFK. She doesn’t deserve such status, but her name is long so I will do it. AOC loves taxes. She couldn’t stand the fact that Bezos would get a sweetheart deal while paying little to tax-happy New York bureaucrats. I wonder if she considered how 25,000 newly employed and well-paid people would pay taxes, thus making up for it.

Regardless, ‘free stuff’ AOC is catching well-deserved flak for blowing the deal.

In her fantasy world, she did the right thing by thwarting a billionaire. In her mind, jobs can be created willy-nilly anyways and money does grow on trees. She also well deserves to be ignored, but she continues to garner millions of devotees, or as we like to call them, “useful idiots”.

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