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Andrew Gilllum Says He’s ‘Conflicted’ About Ralph Northam But Still Wants Him To Resign

Former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum said he’s “conflicted” about Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, but still wants him to resign his post.

“I’ve called for his resignation largely because I feel like, I think it’s extremely difficult for him to be able to continue to lead this state with the full confidence of the people that he’s elected to serve,” Gillum said Monday on CNN’s “New Day”

“We did see some polling come out this weekend that shows that he’s got I think, some majority popularity there. But his support amongst voters of color has gone down to about half of the folks there … There’s something there.”

The Florida Democrat said people shouldn’t be judged by “their worst day” for the rest of their lives, but suggested Northam mend fences as a private citizen.

“I will tell you, I am a little bit conflicted in this whole situation in the sense that I went around the state for two years in Florida saying that people shouldn’t be judged forever by their worst day,” Gillum continued.

“All of us ought to have the opportunity to reconcile and get our act together. I feel that the governor is best suited to do that as a private citizen but if he’s vowing to stay in the office of governor, we’re going to have to hear something better than what we heard in this interview over the weekend. A path forward that I think does some of the policy work necessary … to move the state forward.”

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