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A Wyoming District Could Pay $100K To Open A School That Serves One Student

A Wyoming school district could pay around $100,000 to re-open a school to serve one student.

The kindergartener lives in an area where harsh weather conditions make it difficult and even impossible at times to attend the nearest school, CNN reported Wednesday.

State law mandates that school districts must provide an on-site schooling location if isolated students cannot travel to the nearest school, according to CNN.

Albany County School District No. 1 plans to submit an application to the Wyoming Department of Education to re-open Cozy Hollow Elementary School, which operated more than 10 years ago. The school shutdown when the area lacked students, CNN reported.

Cozy Hollow will have two students once the kindergartener’s sibling starts attending, according to CNN. The estimated $100,000 would help pay for a teacher, operating costs, supplies and repairs. Another one-student school exists in the school district.

The school was reportedly in one trailer while a teacher lived in another attached to the school, according to The New York Times in 2004. Rebecca Rodgers, then 23-years-old, was paid close to $26,000 and taught then-seventh grader Joe Kennedy.

At the time, Cozy Hollow did not have a biology lab so Kennedy had to travel to another school to use their microscopes. This was a rare occasion for Kennedy, who described his “best friends” as cows, to interact with other students.

Cozy Hollow is about 40 miles away from Laramie, Wyoming.

Wyoming has the lowest recorded population in the U.S. with nearly 568,000 people.

Albany County School District No. 1 and the Wyoming Department of Education did not immediately respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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