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4 Challenges you may face when trying to immigrate to the US

Immigrants are usually faced with many barriers the moment they enter the US. Though many think that it’s a simple and easy process, as well as a way to an easier life, it can be quite challenging. Although many people may overlook some things when moving to a new country, there are things that are paramount to ensuring that your life is simplified, especially when immigrating to another country and the US is no exception.

Factors like the weather fall among some of the top challenges faced by many. That’s why we’ve compiled four top challenges that you may face when trying to immigrate to the US to help you out.

Language barrier

In any country, the ability to communicate is very important. Since the United States is not multilingual if you are unable to speak English then this becomes a major barrier. For many people who find it difficult to speak as well as learn English, this can even bring a challenge when it comes to getting certain services and sometimes taking an ESL class is the best way to combat this. It also affects their chances of getting a job, socializing and making friends, and even carrying out daily activities such as shopping. Those who don’t speak English sometimes require the services of a translator who isn’t easy to come by.

Getting jobs

Securing work in the US is not as easy as many might think. Though most refugees and immigrants normally take whatever job is available, finding a job, and slowly moving up the ladder, is incredibly difficult. This is evident from immigrants who are educated and who formerly had better jobs back in their home countries who are most of the time forced to settle on lesser roles. Sometimes immigrants also fall victims of discrimination, exploitation and lesser pay in the workplace, especially due to desperation.

Adjusting to the culture

Living in the US and adjusting to the culture is not only difficult for adults but most parents with children also face a huge challenge. Raising children and helping them succeed in school is a big challenge due to the unfamiliar culture.

Most children also find themselves struggling to keep up in class, especially if the parents do not have the education or language skills to assist their children while some experience bullying and discrimination as a result of cultural differences. It takes a while before both children and parents can adjust to these changes and sometimes affects the children and their ability to go to school as well as their performance.

Getting accommodation

Securing affordable housing in safe places is also difficult, especially when you have a low-paying job. Most large families are often forced to live together, which can be uncomfortable and in environments that are not conducive to studying or resting.

With so many other factors affecting both refugees and immigrants, it is however best to ensure that you are doing things the legal way before entering the US to avoid deportation, which might require the services of an immigration appeals lawyer to assist with petitions.

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