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What Will Democrats Do When…..

What will Democrats do when the non-political Joe Blow out in Kansas realizes the fake news press has been lying to him about the non-existent Russian collusion?

What will Democrats do when the House vote to impeach Trump is successful but the Senate vote to convict fails, or when the Democrats fail to even bring a vote to impeach in the House because they know that the evidence and the proof of wrong-doing just isn’t there? The party of Barack Obama has been raving about impeachment for so long, with no evidence at all to back them up, that if they aren’t able to remove our president, they’ll be toast.

What will Democrats do when Hillary voters begin to see through the veil of Democrat lies and realize that President Trump is a reasonable, sensible man in spite of the insane rantings by the likes of Maxine Waters and of every CNN panel?

What will Democrats do when they learn that President Trump’s policies and achievements are really quite vast and impressive, and are a benefit to every American, and that they have been lied to for over two years about this man being the devil?

What will Democrats do when they’ve heard enough filthy-mouth directed at President Trump by Democrat politicians and suddenly realize that Democrats are vapid fools and not serious, thoughtful people with the best interests of the American citizens at heart?

What will Democrats do when the truth hits them that President Trump’s insistence on a federal budget that includes the money to build a border wall is in the best interest of all citizens, and that it’s the intransigence and obstinacy of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer that is causing a government shutdown which is keeping government employees from getting a paycheck?

What will Democrats do when their followers realize that it was Donald Trump who warned Central Americans to not try to cross our borders, and it was the likes of Pelosi, Cortez, Waters and Tlaib who encouraged them to continue to approach America, which resulted directly in the deaths of several Central American children? Democrats are still insisting that more illegal aliens come to America, which will lead to more weak, sick children being forced to cross the mountains and deserts of Mexico and possibly dying en route, in Tijuana or in some American emergency facility, and all this suffering is happening in order to assure more political power for Democrats.

What will Democrats do when people like Congresswoman Cortez, who argues aggressively that Israel is just an invader of the nation of Palestine and wants international pressure to remove them from that occupying stance; or Nancy Pelosi, who, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, believes that walls or fences don’t work to keep invaders out of the protected area and that walls are “immoral”? Can demonic Democrat politicians possibly address serious issues of national importance like the threat of China or the threat of the spread of disease that accompanies the illegal and uncontrolled crossing of our southern border by diseased people from third world countries? The current Democrat leadership is awash with weak-minded, uninformed people who only seek political power with their cursing and holier-than-thou posturing, which is weakening America in a very dangerous world.

What will Democrats do when they hear a sufficient description of Congresswoman Cortez’s true policy ideas of leftist, Socialist nonsense and realize that she is a total fool?

What will Democrats do when enough evidence leaks through the fake news organizations to permit them to realize that sanctuary cities are destructive to the very people they pretend to protect, as well as being destructive to the nation, and that they undermine the stability of our entire society?

What will Democrats do when Robert Mueller wraps up his fool’s errand of an investigation, and the uninformed and lied-to public sees Donald Trump walk away free and clean as the breeze, with no indictment resulting from over two years of intense and expensive investigations?

When the Democrat hate-filled rhetoric and filthy talk against President Trump finally comes to an end at some point, the Democrat party will begin to look like Bill and Hillary Clinton, who thought that their lies, their glamour and their magic would last forever, launched their infamous speaking tour in late 2018, only to find that no one wanted to hear more crap from these two bozos, and their audiences evaporated, and the price of a ticket to hear these two fools tell more lies about themselves dropped from $170.00 each to $6.00, and then to zero.

But Democrats live in a different world and they are incapable of learning, because they are incapable of listening.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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