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Trump refuses to budge on border wall

Rudy Giuliani was at one point “America’s mayor,” well-liked by many from both political parties and respected for his programatic, no-nonsense leadership. But ever since his arrival to the Trump White House, the guy seems a little unstable. 

Giuliani seems to be digging a deeper and deeper hole for President Trump on the accusations of collusion with Russia, telling the press that Trump was involved in conversations about building a Trump Tower in Moscow throughout the 2016 campaign, a direct contradiction of the President’s earlier statements. 

While the Mueller team has thrown some cold water on the BuzzFeed story that Trump directed his personal lawyer Cohen to lie to Congress, there’s been a lot of haggling between the Special Counsel and the news outlets about what exactly happened and what exactly is being disputed.

So we’re left to worry that there’s some kernel of truth in the reports that Trump told Cohen to lie, especially when Trump’s own lawyer is telling the media that Trump was involved in the Russia conversations until the end of the 2016 campaign.

Apparently Trump is increasingly angered by Giuliani’s gaffes and missteps that require further clarification or talkbacks.

In August 2018, Giuliani told Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” that Trump could be trapped because “truth isn’t truth.”  Then he admitted that the 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer in Trump Tower was in fact designed to get “dirt” on Hillary Clinton during the campaign and went on to claim, in eyebrow-raising fashion, that “collusion isn’t a crime.” Now he seems to be backtracking on whether collusion happened, saying it may have occurred with members of the campaign but not with Trump himself. 

What a mess. Can’t Trump get a better lawyer? And if this is the best he can do, should we be in full panic mode?

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