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Things you Should Consider While Making a professional business card

A professional and attractive business card stands out for your business or career. Therefore, there are things to consider while planning and making the best business card that ideally reflects your business or career.

In the process of creating a professional business card, there are 3 stages – the planning, designing, and printing stages.

The Planning Stage:

You have to sit down and plan how you’re going to design your business card, the paper type and the colors you’re going to use, and the size of the card.

The Paper type: The type of paper you use for your business card matters because some papers are harder than others. The harder the paper is better because harder cards can last longer and don’t easily foil.

The size of the business card: Most of the times, business cards are put in the wallet, in what is called the card handle. So, you must make sure that the size of the business card is not so big or so small; it must fit in the card handle. For typical business cards Australia, 55 * 85 mm is the ideal size and this varies with the country most times.

The Colours: The colors you use must be attractive and must compliment your business. It’s more advisable to use the colors corresponding to the colors that represent your business; that is on your website, Twitter or Facebook handle.

The Designing Stage: Now, you’re done with the planning and you know how you’re going to design your business card. Then, you have to look at these things while designing in order to come up with an attractive professional design.

Font type and size: You must use a font type which is not “funny”, it should be a legible font type. The font size matters a lot because it must not be so big and not so small. It should be easily seen and readable. It’s very important to select the font type basing on the colors used in the designing of the card. The overall color designs affect the visibility of the words.

The information on the card: A professional business card should have useful information, for example, your full names, your email address, your phone number and the company you’re working with.

The image on the card: If you decide to add an image on your card, make sure that it’s of high quality, so as your card appear pleasing and attractive. Make your own design. While designing, look at the other businesses’ cards, especially those businesses in your industry. Try to make sure that your design is different and is your own.

The Printing stage: After planning and designing, you have to print the design you have made to get the hard paper card. As we talked about the paper type above, now, we’re going to talk about what you must consider while printing your design.

The printing company: Look for a printing company that has a variety of paper types with reasonable flexibility, and turnaround time.

Avoid using borders while printing: The borders can alter the design of your card and affect its elegance. You have to avoid cutting your card along the borders. A good printer leaves cutting points by default.

Special Finishes: While printing, try to add in some special features which will reflect on the result. Good special finishes would result in a more attractive business card.

Use unusual materials: Most companies use the card stock material as the printing material. You can employ other materials like plastic, wood, and metal. This makes you and your business appear more creative.

Lastly, for any of the stages mentioned above and their corresponding activities or requirements, the budget and the outcome are the most important considerations in business.

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