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The Scope of Janitorial Services and The Emerging trends in the use of Artificial Intelligence

Janitors as per basic dictionary meaning, are people or entities which are entrusted with the responsibility of regular cleaning and maintenance of your property, be it a simple residential area or bigger properties like educational institutions, hotels, company offices, etc. But janitorial services are never offered only by a bunch of janitors who are amateur in their work. They are always offered by janitorial services providing companies. Such companies indulge in an in-depth process of screening, selection, and training of their cleaning staff.

There are immense care and attention to detail required from these janitors because even if the scope of work is huge, the quality standards should be maintained for the company’s name. Companies offer janitors to clean up any scale of the area, be it as small as a residential area, or as large as an educational institution.

The scope of Janitorial Services

As mentioned above, companies offering janitorial services have become extremely flexible nowadays and provide cleaning services for anything and everything. So, if you want to clean your office space or just your small residential area, all you have to do is acquire details of all the local Janitorial Service Provider companies and select the best one on the basis of cost-benefit analysis. The following are different kinds of cleaning covered under the scope of janitorial services:

  1. Residential Areas Cleaning:

You obviously cannot devote much time to your household cleaning; set aside the surroundings, backyard, etc. So, what you do is hire a maid or an individual janitor for such an enormous amount of work that includes cleaning of the kitchen area, bathrooms, and washrooms, bedroom upkeep, furniture upkeep, carpets, curtains, rugs, etc. And it is common sense that all of this work can never be perfectly done by one or two amateurish janitors who lack the training vandalism efficiency to do that kind of work.

With Professional Janitorial services, you get all quality services for the cleaning of your house and the things covered to include:

  • Kitchen cleaning that includes 100% cleaning of the sink, kitchen exhaust, floor, walls with the kitchen smoke accumulation, utensil racks with utensils, etc.

  • Bedroom upkeep with the cleaning of all the curtains, bedsheets, pillow covers, mattresses, etc. And this professional use nothing but high-power vacuum cleaners.

  • Bathrooms and washrooms are cleaning without leaving any stains or odor in either of these quintessential parts of your house.

  1. Commercial Area Cleaning – Industry complex, Big Institutions, Company offices, etc.:

Commercial Areas include Shopping Malls, Corporate Offices, Industrial complex, Educational institutions, hotels, etc. All these areas require a heavy load of cleaning in many departments, and therefore it is only wise to hire professional janitorial services for such jobs. What these janitorial services have in store for you regarding the cleaning of such commercial areas is as follows:

  • Proper Cleaning of the A.C. ducts to ensure the air conditioning system exchanges only pure and fresh air inside the complex of the hotel, company office or shopping mall.

  • In the case of industrial complex, the cleaning also includes complete cleaning of the machinery, conveyor belts, etc. elements of the manufacturing process.

  • Detailed upkeep of all the furniture including upholstery cleaning and some companies also provide additional services for polishing the furniture in the institution or the company.

  1. Ala Carte Cleaning:

Some companies also provide separate individual cleaning services on an ala carte basis, i.e., you can hire one company to clean a particular area/particular element and another company to clean some other area/element. Such janitorial service companies offer only singular services, but they ensure top-notch quality in them, for instance:

  • Cleaning and Steaming of carpets, upholstery and rugs only. Such companies will perfectly dust, wash and dry all your carpets and rugs. And will also steam the upholstery for eliminating the germs and bacteria in them.

  • The specific area is cleaning like bathrooms and washrooms cleaning. Such companies will exclusively clean only your bathrooms and washrooms. But they will cover everything from the tiles, floors, ceiling, etc. to the condition of taps, showers, faucets, etc.

The Emerging Trends in the Use of AI in Janitorial Services

It has been a while since the AI-powered robot janitors we’re introduced which perform all the cleaning services just like a human janitor, but they add the element of no fatigue and therefore increased efficiency. Although such robots became crazily popular in the western corporate world, they had many drawbacks. The robots had lesser powered processors, RAM, etc. which caused them to struggle in getting the directions right. As a result, many times the robots would bang into the walls of the rooms whilst cleaning. Besides this, the robots also had a limited range of motion due to which they couldn’t clean the extreme corner areas.

So, the drawbacks of these existing robot janitors led to more research and development in this field, and today we can see the following trends emerging in this field which can be a blessing for all of us:

  • Improved navigation systems to identify obstacles and improvements in AI algorithms to perceive things that can cause accidental falls like slippery surfaces, rug tassels, etc.

  • Pre-planned 3D mapping of the areas to be cleaned by the automated janitors is done and installed in the janitor to avoid misdirection and inability to follow the structure of the building.

  • A time-bound schedule is planned and programmed in the Robot janitors to ensure that the entire process of cleaning is done within the stipulated time.

  • Certain companies have also gone ahead of others and installed 360° vision enabled cameras in the robot janitors, and have infused them with the robot’s structural algorithm which guides its movements and activities. What this has done, is it has given the robots an amazing human-like ability to see and deduce the consequences of various potential actions.


Cleaning is a very important aspect of any property in the world, be it a small residential area or a huge college campus. Cleaning dictates the first impression if your company building or your shopping malls, hotels, etc. And therefore, it becomes critical for you to focus on it as it is directly related to your success. As a result, there has been a development of a multi-billion-dollar industry in janitorial service companies which take care of all the cleaning requirements of all types of properties. They cover absolutely everything and also at a cost less than outsourcing cleaning to contractors.

There have been group breaking developments in AI-powered Janitorial services lately, in the form of a Powerful navigation system-based robot janitors, 360° camera powered Robot janitors, etc.

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