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The Rush To Judgment Of The Biased Hate Trump Media


There was a time when the news was accurately reported on TV and the radio to the people, but slowly over the years, I’d say since the Nixon Administration the media has become one sided in favor of the democrats and so far left that the truth gets thrown out the window in favor of tabloid journalism.

I used to be a reporter for several New Jersey newspapers and have always been taught to get both sides of a story. Not so today with today’s media. Ever since their beloved Queen Hilary lost they have become so triggered and full of hate and rage against Trump that they make things up and Rush to judgment and the truth becomes a lie and a lie becomes the truth. Fox News’ Sean Hannity compiled a list of 48 pages of misleading stories by almost every newspaper in existence all against trump or anything conservative.

Actually the rush to judgment started before this under Obama with him saying “the Cambridge police acted stupidly”, The Duke LaCrosse players being blamed for raping those women when the women made it up and who can forget the Trevon Martin case and Ferguson Missouri case with saying ‘hands up don’t shoot” when that didn’t happen at all the perpetrator Michael Brown attacked the policeman Darin         Wilson in his car so that’s when the Wilson shot him. The media today aren’t news people anymore, but pathological Trump haters that don’t bother verifying anything.

BuzzFeed, another example of fake news, is standing by its story accusing President Trump of urging Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, but it has been substantially discredited by that once-in-a-blue-moon denial from Robert Mueller’s office, saying the information was “not accurate.” Making a charge of that magnitude based on two unnamed sources, without being able to cite a single e-mail, text or document, is very risky business. The story was thin at best, especially when you consider the two reporters didn’t talk to Cohen, who pleaded guilty to lying to Congress over the Russian Trump Tower project and is facing a three-year prison term on that and other charges.  One of the reporters behind the story, Jason Leopold has a history of making things up.  News Busters said that Leopold was the source of a fake news story of a Karl Rove indictment story in 2006.

But the many news outlets that breathlessly promoted the BuzzFeed scoop, until it imploded, with an avalanche of segments and stories also have a black eye. The same goes for the Democrats who raced on the air, and onto Twitter, to talk about impeachment, based on uncorroborated allegations that were not matched by any other journalists.

CNN and MSNBC gushed over impeachment nearly 200 times based on a Thursday BuzzFeed report, before it was discredited by the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

CNN and MSNBC couldn’t confirm BuzzFeed’s now-debunked report claiming President Trump directed his former attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress – but that didn’t stop the networks from using it as the impetus to talk about impeachment throughout the day.

The Daily Caller reported, citing TV clipping service Grabien, that CNN and MSNBC mentioned the words “impeach,” “impeachment,” or “impeachable,” a whopping 179 times on Friday after before Mueller’s team released a statement pushing back against BuzzFeed’s alleged scoop.

To get around their fake news stories these TV journalists always use the phrase “If True.” They are so blinded by their hate for Trump every minute of every hour of every day that honest  journalism today is all but dead and buried.

Now to the other rush to judgment,  involving students from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky. They were caught up in a confrontation with Native Americans at the Lincoln Memorial. It just so happens some of the students were Trump fans wearing red MAGA hats, feeding a certain narrative. And there was a video, that went viral, of student Nick Sandmann smiling as he’s standing right next to Indian activist Nathan Phillips, which some interpreted as mocking.

An online mob took over, calling the students bigots and convicting them without a trial. Unfortunately, this was amplified by the media echo chamber.

But interviews and hours of earlier video made clear the story was more complicated. The students were shouting “school spirit” chants (with the approval of their chaperones) to drown out racially charged chants by a third group of black protestors, the Hebrew Israelites.

More than an hour of footage shot before the encounter was uploaded on YouTube on Sunday, and appeared to show a confrontation between a large group of Catholic students instigated by black men who identified themselves as Hebrew Israelites. In the clip, the men can be heard shouting at anyone on scene at the Lincoln Memorial, including other black visitors and Native Americans.

The camera then turns to the students, who were in Washington for an anti-abortion rally, some of whom were wearing hats with President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.

“And you got these pompous bastards coming down here in the middle of a native American rally with their dirty ass hat on,” a man in the video says. Another person later screams at the students: “A bunch of incest babies. This is what ‘Make America Great’ looks like.”

Sandmann, rather than inciting the confrontation, was actually approached by Phillips, who says he was being peaceful but whose story has been shifting. Sandmann said he smiled to show he meant no harm.

sandman nd native american pic

In a statement, Sandmann said that Philipps “began playing his drum as he waded into the crowd, which parted for him. I did not see anyone try to block his path. He locked eyes with me and approached me, coming within inches of my face. He played his drum the entire time he was in my face. I never interacted with this protester. I did not speak to him. To be honest, I was startled and confused as to why he had approached me. We had already been yelled at by another group of protestors.”

Kara Swisher, the tech writer and New York Times contributor, wrote: “I was a complete dolt to put up this and several other obnoxious tweets yesterday without waiting to see the whole video of the incident and I apologize to the kids from Kentucky unilaterally.”

According to a Mediaite roundup, the New Republic’s Jeet Heer deleted a tweet arguing the Trump-supporting students were “racist.” CNN’s Bakari Sellers deleted a tweet suggesting the kids should be “punched in the face.”

CNN’s Ana Navarro deleted one denouncing the “asswipe” parents of the students for teaching them “bigotry” and “racism.”

And CNN host S.E. Cupp posted this yesterday: “Hey guys. Seeing all the additional videos now, and I 100% regret reacting too quickly to the Covington story. I wish I’d had the fuller picture before weighing in, and I’m truly sorry.”

As the video gets more exposure more and more journalists are apologizing for this rush to judgment. It all comes out of their pure hate for Trump since these kids were wearing Trump hats.

The unedited video shows/proves the kids didn’t do anything wrong. The video was edited to make the kids look bad.

Now the brother of a falsely accused Covington Catholic High School student at the center of the media-fueled scandal, says his family is still receiving threats and that their family business has received atrocious online reviews. Even worse – that student wasn’t there.

A liberal mob targeted him as his family prepared for a wedding and he’s preparing to volunteer at the Special Olympics. He released a statment saying:

1) Yesterday was supposed to be a day of celebration for my middle brother Alex, who got married last night. Instead my family had to deal with the fallout of my youngest brother #MichaelHodge being falsely accused for standing & smiling in front of an indigenous man with a drum

— Andrew Hodge (@PikePlaceTechie) January 20, 2019

 2) People then proceeded to spam my family with harassments and threats of physical violence. We then find out our parents address was posted online. If that wasn’t enough, our family operated business has been slandered and attacked.

— Andrew Hodge (@PikePlaceTechie) January 20, 2019 

3) No one reviews evidence or does any due diligence, they immediately escalate things to a state of frenzy over much of nothing. The zealots scream for the head of #MichaelHodge knowing that their will be zero consequences to them if anything happens to him

— Andrew Hodge (@PikePlaceTechie) January 20, 2019

 5) #MichaelHodge is the best kid I know. He volunteers for Special Olympics (took them skiing this Thursday) is involved in the church youth group, doesn’t drink/smoke (volunteer member of the Drugs Free Club of America) and is an aspiring chef

— Andrew Hodge (@PikePlaceTechie) January 20, 2019

The incident occurred near the Lincoln Memorial as the boys were waiting to board a bus during their school trip to Washington, D.C. According to video, the students engaged in school spirit chants to drown out racial taunts from a black supremacist group. The chants apparently attracted the ire of Phillips, who approached the boys with his drum and claimed to be praying against their “hate.”

[The students] had an opportunity to not hate and to put out an olive branch and say, let’s sit down and pray together,” he said. “Instead, they responded to hate with hate. And [Sandmann] transferred that hate to me.”

Phillips also accused Sandmann of already being “worked up in a frenzy” because he had been participating in the March for Life against abortion.

Sandmann claimed in his statement that he stood silently and smiled when Phillips approached him to try to defuse the situation, adding that he said a “silent prayer.

Boys from a Catholic school in Kentucky were treated unfairly in a rush to judgment, President Donald Trump said on Monday after allegations the students had mocked a Native American elder.

“Looking like Nick Sandman & Covington Catholic students were treated unfairly with early judgments proving out to be false – smeared by media,” Trump tweeted.

The saddest part is not just the rush to judgment of the kids or the awful journalism or the manipulation of the scenario by very twisted people, but the apologies by those who knew better or should have known better before the facts were in throwing these kids “under the bus”. They were lucky nobody was seriously hurt or killed because of their criminal reporting, but maybe next time they won’t be so lucky.

Legendary frontiersman Davy Crocket, whose statue is in the rotunda of the capital from when he ran for congress, had a motto that said “Be sure you’re right then go ahead.” These journalists should follow that motto.

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