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Maduro Regime Freezes Assets and Issues Travel Ban on Legitimate President Juan Guaidó

Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó’s bank accounts are frozen and former dictator Nicolas Maduro has banned him from leaving the country.

This should be a lesson to the legitimate President that his offer to give Maduro and his corrupt narcoterrorist officials amnesty was an overly-gracious offer as appeasement never ever works against sadistic thugs like Maduro.

Juan Guaidó was completely vindicated for his refusal to hold a dialogue with former dictator Nicolas Maduro who controls most Venezuelan institutions still, as he called it a waste of time. Maduro in an attempt to save face said he would negotiate naked in dialogue if he had to. Putting aside the fact that comment is so creepy in 48 hours was able to show to the world he was absolutely lying about wanting dialogue.

Regime authorities have launched a preliminary investigation into the activities of the President as they are expected to soon make an arrest of the President.

Earlier Tuesday the US State Department certified the authority of Guaidó to take control of seized regime assets, the Bank of England has strongly been urged to give the Venezuelan gold to Guaidó’s officials, and the US and many Latin American governments have begun welcoming Ambassadors appointed by Guaidó to handle diplomatic relations between the different countries and Venezuela.

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  1. Well, this article demonstrates that the author has not done his/her research & is poorly lacking on the facts. Its nothing more than regurgitating propaganda at best. First of all, most people talking trash on this subject cant even find Venezuela on a map so lets get a few facts straight. When it comes to President Maduro, yes I said “President” Maduro “love him or hate him” he is the duly elected President in an open & fair election that was monitored by an international organization. This Quaido character which most Venezuelans never even heard of, not only “did not win” any election but “did not even run” in the election. This clown simply appointed himself President just because he said so & with the backing of this CIA coupe actually thinks he is going to hold office . Make no mistake here, America does not give a damn about the people of Venezuela any more than we brought freedom to Iraq, Libya, Yemen or Syria. Isn’t it funny that the only Dictators that seems to ever need us to bring them Democracy are the countries sitting on Oil? Dictators selling their oil for U.S. Dollars are Good but anyone else needs our American Love Bombs. I am sick of these chirping chickadee’s pushing & promoting these illegal wars of aggression that the rest of us have to go fight & die in. Its time to strap a bomb to their butts & drop them over the war zone, If they love war that much then let them go fight it. Personally Me & my children are sitting this one out.

  2. Nicolas Maduro won an election all opposition candidates were banned from participating in. There were massive election irregularities, and the turnout wasn’t accurate at all as independent organizations say it was 20%. Don’t give me this nonsense Henri Falcon was an opposition candidate he was a PSUV governor for the longest time. Nicolas Maduro usurped the constitution of Venezuela he won a sham election where no opposition was allowed to participate, the National Assembly is a coequal branch of the Venezuelan government, not this sham Constituent Assembly the absolute majority of Venezuelans rejected. Using the word America is not an argument for Maduro being good. Why are you defending a sadistic dictator who is extensively connected to narcoterrorists?
    Try to debunk the information in the article without saying the US or US imperialism I am sure even some Maduro lovers can do it.

    1. Well now there is the ultimate paradox, Maduro is a Narcoterrorist, you mean like the President of Mexico or our own U.S. Presidents like the Bush’s & Clinton’s or our own CIA which is the largest drug cartel on the planet. Based on that logic Maybe we need to be invaded, maybe someone needs to liberate the USA, who is going to drop the love bombs on America to bring us democracy. Other trusted sources say otherwise, Guaido simply boycotted the election, he was not blocked from participating at all. More importantly as an American, what business is it of yours or anyone else?.. Why is it Americas business at all? Stop pretending that you don’t understand what this is really all about. This is a CIA coupe & Guaido is their CIA asset nothing more. How many Venezuelans are you willing to murder for a barrel of oil? How many Americans are you willing to kill in order to steal that barrel of oil? I hear that Congress is considering re-instituting the Draft & it will include females as well so be careful of what you wish for because “YOU” might just get it. Good Luck to you..

  3. Well as expected you couldn’t leave out the word US or leave out strawman arguments like I want to go to war in Venezuela and that I somehow support Obama Bush the CIA or the ex Mexican President, none of whom I support. You really don’t know what you are talking about regarding the sham election in 2018 as Juan Guaido was not one of the candidates who was seeking to run before the Supreme Court banned them, the opposition candidates were Henry Ramos Allup and Henrique Capriles. Try again and defend Nicolas Maduro without saying anything about the US. (You couldn’t debunk the Insight Crime article)

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