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Different Water Filter Bottles Follow The Same Basic Working Principle

When you surf across different websites you will come across different manufacturers producing water bottles with a filter. No matter whatever be the brand and model, the basic working principle of each water bottle remains the same.

  • Few water bottle manufacturers will claim that their bottles are BPA-free and very easy to use while others will harp on the number of refills their filter will allow before needing a replacement.

  • Other manufacturers may add the durability factor along with it while others may restrict their filtration options to municipal potable water only by removing the chlorine content and smell and thereby improving the taste of water.

  • Few may even boast that their water bottles are the only ones that are approved by the EPA and the most recommended bottle by far due to its high sanitation standards for any type of water.

No matter whatever the manufacturers claim, all water bottles will make the water pure and free from any disease-causing viruses and protozoa present in unprocessed water.

The working process

There is a built-in filter in these water bottles. This is a specially designed system and each type of filter may work in special ways depending on the proprietary design by the manufacturers.

You may find water bottles that are designed to filter water as you drink it while there may be some bottles that filter the water as you fill in the bottle. However, in spite of these differences, the primary objective of all these water bottles with filters remains the same: To remove impurities and contaminants from the water in a limited number.

The idea behind these water bottles with filter is exceptional.

  • There is a filter that is made of activated charcoal which is a known substance to remove impurities from water. You have to simply put any tap water into the bottle and the filter will do the rest to make it clean, potable and drinkable.

  • The filter also has a minor electropositive charge. This charge eventually gets exhausted when the water passes through the filter. This charge helps the filter in removing most of the smell, chlorine, and a few heavy metals from the water to taste good.

All in all, these bottles are very handy and useful, convenient and cost-efficient especially if you stay away from home and potable water is scarce.

The different uses

The Water Filters Fill2Pure is used for different purposes though it will largely depend on the design and the many different features that it may have.

  • You will have designs made of stainless steel that will enable you to boil water in it and is good for people during hiking to have a cup of hot coffee in the wilderness.

  • The sleek and slim design prevents water from spilling and therefore you can drink water while rough riding.

  • You can also use it as a normal water bottle without the filter of the design permits removing it.

However, you must keep in mind that this quality of filtration is nowhere close to distillation or reverse osmosis.

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