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Democrat Party Today = Socialism And Totalitarianism

c hurchil on socialaism

The Democratic Party’s socialistic economic initiatives are taking root especially among millennials. They’re woefully uneducated on its tenets and the devastation it has brought hundreds of millions in history. They’re seduced by lofty yet unrealistic promises and lured by charismatic politicians often going unchallenged by the sympathetic anti-Trump media. And with socialism comes totalitarianism. You can’t have one without the other because force is the only way the elite can stay on top.

A current example is their “Green New Deal”:

  1. Full employment, and if you dislike your job you depart and the government gets you another.
    2. You cannot be fired.
    3. Free health care.
    4. Free tuition from pre-K through college.
    5. Affordable housing for all with rent control and inability to be evicted! This will fix “climate problems” and income inequalities, they promise.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the party’s new “star” and a symbol and proponent of democratic socialism. She told “60 Minutes” she was a “radical”; “advocated free health care for everyone”; and proposed a “top tax rate of 70 percent like the U.K. (falsehood – it’s 45 percent), Finland or Sweden” (miniscule and easily manageable populations of 5 and 10 million compared to our 350 million). Our already $22 trillion debt would quickly explode from this delusional scheme, devastating millions, collapse our economy and result in rioting like in Venezuela.

According to new developments from Townhall, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will become part of the House Financial Services Committee. Ocasio-Cortez has previously expressed interest in joining this committee, although all of the details of the role she will play are not clear at this time.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has, on multiple occasions, demonstrated her lack of understanding finances and the economy. Like most radical, far-left progressives, she believes that taxing wealthy people into oblivion will solve all problems and lift people out of poverty.

What she fails to realize is that making rich people poor will not make poor people rich. Moreover, many rich people are going to take steps to protect their wealth and rightfully so. There’s only so much money which one can garner from increasing taxes on wealthy Americans. Contrary to popular leftist beliefs, taxing top earners into oblivion will not successfully fund all the government programs which radical progressives want.

News of Ocasio-Cortez’s participation in the House Financial Services Committee comes after her public admission to wanting a 70% tax rate on top earners in the United State

I saw this most excellent comment about her:

Mike W :

I read today about the number of young people who support Ocasio-Cortez’s idea of taxing the rich 70%. I don’t know what they are teaching these kids in school but they are in desperate need of an education. IF you tax the rich 70% kiss your jobs goodbye. Probably kiss the NFL, NBA etc goodbye as well. Rich people invest their money into businesses – that EMPLOY people – to stay rich or maintain the level of money they have for future generations. When you tax them 70% they no longer have that incentive and will simply shut down their companies and live off of what they have. They will be fine – YOU will LOSE. Ocasio-Cortez attended Boston University – the tuition there with housing and meals is over $70,000 per year. Her poor parents spent about $280,000 for her schooling or she is over a quarter of a million dollars in debt. What did she do with all of that education? She was a bartender – that should indicate she was not exactly the class valedictorian huh? I’m not knocking bartenders it can be a very lucrative career – but does not require a 4 year degree from one of the most expensive universities in the country.

 New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, a communist, has announced the availability of total health care – primary, specialty, pediatric, OBGYN, geriatric and mental – for all 9.5 million residents, including 300,000 illegal immigrants,  600,000 uninsured and anyone with pre-existing conditions. Simply call a 311 number. He proposes the government assume authority over everyone’s property and pushes for universal free pre-K child-care and marijuana legalization. Additionally, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Hillary Clinton propose the “Reproductive Health Act” be enacted immediately to codify abortion guaranteed up until birth in New York.

Presidential hopefuls Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, are both avowed socialists. California Sen. Kamala Harris is announcing her candidacy, having gained notoriety for arrogant behavior at the Brett Kavanaugh hearing along with forcefully assaulting a judicial nominee simply because he’s a member of the 2-million strong,136-year-old Catholic ‘”Knights of Columbus.

Recently Country singer Charlie Daniels stated what America would be like under Pelosi and Schumer:


“In Schumer-Pelosi’s ideal America:

Guns would be confiscated. There would be no restrictions whatsoever on abortion. Taxes would be through the roof. Global warming – the new religion of the left – would become front and center, and American manufacturing would, again, begin a monolithic evacuation.

Self-proliferating bureaucracies would spring up and regulate every facet of personal life in this nation. Eventually, you would have to get a permit to dig a hole in your own back yard.

Think that’s impossible?

Ask someone in Holland where you have to get a permit to build a dog house.

Getting any kind of license would become a nightmare as self-governing bureaucracies would hire inept political cronies, and inefficiency would slow the process down to a snail’s pace.

Think that won’t happen?

Ask the people in Italy where the licensing offices only work four days a week, use any excuse for a holiday and make even obtaining a marriage license like taking a trip down Alice’s rabbit hole.

Do you want to live in such a country?

If you don’t, you’d better let your voice be heard because with the Democrat/media cartel it can happen very quickly, and you could wake up one morning to find out that your country has been pulled right out from under you.”

 Here are 21 areas that reveal The Democratic Party positions:

1.Radical redistribution of wealth;
2. Aggressive climate change initiatives;
3. Complete takeover of health care by federal government plus inclusion of all illegal immigrants;
4. Open immigration policy with full acceptance of all children and relatives; no border walls, entrance requirements, E-verify or penalties for those refusing deportation; disregarding the rule of law and full support for “sanctuary cities”; neglecting national security and allowing George Soros funded anarchy to “crash” our immigration system;
5. Government control over corporate profits;
6. Progressive taxes on the upper middle class and above;
7. Legalization of recreational marijuana;
8. Implementation of comprehensive LGBTQ agenda – including indoctrination of children in schools, transgender initiatives, gender reassignment surgery and removal of any “sexual discrimination” in the workplace and schools, disregarding conscience objections;
9. Taxpayer-financed abortion-on-demand until birth with full-funding of Planned Parenthood;
10. Major defense spending cuts with money redistributed to entitlements;
11. Comprehensive gun control;
12. Liberal, not originalist, judges on the Supreme Court and federal courts;
13. Alignment and support for radical feminist agenda and marches;
14. Increased censorship of “hateful” conservative thought on social media;
15. Liberalized voting standards to include fraudulent practices and everyone the party deems as “disenfranchised”;
16. Partnership with Palestinians;
17. Alignment with United Nations and European Union transnationalism initiatives promoting “One World” globalism, rather than nationalism with international cooperation;
18. Euthanasia/physician-assisted suicide;
19. Taxpayer-funded child-care and college tuition;
20. Elimination  of the Electoral College; and
21. Re-establishing the  Iranian “nuclear deal” alongside increased protection for Islamic “rights” in America and abroad at the expense of Israel’s safety.

Any person who believes in these policies must be insane. Do you think that people who believe there are no genders are sane, that believe that illegals are not law breakers are sane, you think that people who believe in the NWO are sane, you believe that leftists are sane, people that believe that Islam is a religion of peace are insane, people that believe that guns kill people but people have nothing to do with it are sane – ask any psychiatrist and they’ll tell you these people are insane, and they know exactly what they are doing – what they don’t understand is what the outcome will be from their insanity!


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  1. Well done article. Thank you for standing up for not just conservative values, but just plain old common sense. Its just plane scary to see what some people have devolved into ever since we elected a President that is actually doing more for America, and Americans that any President I can recall.

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