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Andrew Napolitano Predicts The Public Will Forget About Michael Cohen Once He’s In Jail


Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano said the public is likely to forget about attorney Michael Cohen once he begins serving his three-year jail sentence.

“We had this bombshell last night that Cohen’s not going to testify. The Democrats are flustered. The Republicans don’t know what to make of it,” Napolitano said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday.

“Cohen says the president threatened me. So what is a threat? There are two threats. One is something that we all know is a threat. If you show up I’m going to break your legs. That’s obviously a threat. The other is something that the witness perceives as a threat that doesn’t really threaten the rest of us. So if the president says your father-in-law’s a mobster and probably should be investigated by the [Department of Justice], is that a threat? I don’t think that that is a threat.”

Napolitano said congressional Democrats will subpoena Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, and try to get him to testify before he goes to jail on March 6. He also said people will forget all about Cohen once he actually begins serving his prison sentence.

“What are the Democrats going to do? They’re going to subpoena him,” he said. “How much time do they have? Six weeks. Because on March 6 he goes to jail. And the court is not going to delay that nor are they going to let him out of jail to come and testify to Congress.”

“Something will come out of his mouth under oath before the Congress aimed at driving the White House crazy. And then we’ll forget about it once he’s in jail,” Napolitano concluded.

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