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Air fryers provide an easy option for enjoying fried food in a healthy way

Tasty and tangy foods that are also healthy is what people like to have and often it might seem that the expectation is entirely unrealistic. Taste and health are quite opposing in nature, and it is challenging to balance it perfectly to create a combination that satisfies the culinary senses and ensures good health too. To make food tasty, you must use the right amount of oil and fat when cooking, and deep-frying techniques are contrary to the concepts of good health that recommends less or no oil and fat in foods. Taking a cue from the public demand for tasty and healthy food, cooking appliance manufacturers were quick to put their best innovative brains at work. And it resulted in launching air fryers that cook healthy and tasty food with little oil.

Fried foods minus oil

Your pursuit for healthy and tasty food could culminate in picking up an air fryer that caters to the demands of your taste buds without affecting health. You can enjoy crispy and deep-fried food with minimum oil. It is like getting the best of both worldsas you can satisfy your desire of gorging on tasty food without consuming too much oil that can damage health. The advent of the newest cooking appliance aims at attracting food lovers who are keen to enjoy fried delicacies without fearing to harm health. The cooking device has set new standards in cooking healthy food that does not compromise with the health needs. It puts an end to the guilt-feeling among people who are unable to resist the temptation for fried food.

Pick your choice of air fryer

Enjoying your favorite foods with no holds barred is what food lovers consider the most rewarding experience of using airfryers that are gaining high popularity with each passing day. You can now enjoy your share of favorite foods like chicken wings, French fries, fish sticks and empanadas without any concern for health issues arising from it. Healthy cooking is now within your reach if you know how to use an air fryer and choose the right model and make by evaluating any air fryer review that is available online. The reviews are helpful in finding an air fryer that matches with your lifestyle.

In this article, we will explore how much truth is in the claim for health benefits that the device offers. But first, let us look at how the kitchen appliance works.

The working of air fryer

The air fryer works along the lines of microwave ovens even though the technologies are entirely different. Just as the microwave oven uses an indirect method of heating food by using microwaves generated by the equipment and directing it at the food inside the oven, similarly, the air fryer uses an indirect way of frying. It does away with the need for immersing the food items in oil for frying. Instead, the air fryer uses a fan to circulate hot air around the food at high speed that helps to cook the food and produce a crispy layer to provide the frying effect without using too much oil. The food that you want to fry needs a coat of thin oil brushed onto it before placing it in the air fryer. The hot air can heat up to 200oC that initiates the reaction and cooking process.

Most equipment has a temperature and timer control arrangement that helps to adjust the conditions for more precise cooking. To ensure smooth oil spread across the food, it is necessary to occasionally shake the basket that contains the food for cooking.

Reduce fat by cooking food in the air fryer

Deep fried foods though tasty have high fat and oil content. For example, a deep-fried chicken breast contains 30% more fat than roasted chicken of the same quantity. When you use air fryer to recreate the effects of deep frying you can enjoy fried food that contains 75% less fat as compared to traditional cooking the same food. That is possible because air fryers require much less oil for frying than conventional fryers. For some recipes that would require 750 ml oil for traditional cooking, the same when done by using air fryer would need just 15 ml or one tablespoon oil.

Air fryers aid better weight management

Those who are fighting hard to control body weight would benefit from using air fryers because the low oil content in food helps to manage weight better as it prevents putting on weight. It is well-known that fried food causes obesity but not so if you are using an air fryer. Cutting calories is easy by consuming food prepared in air fryer that promotes weight loss.

Food cooked in air fryer reduces dietary acrylamide, a compound that accompanies a certain type of cancer. Air fryers certainly offer healthy options for consuming fried food without health risks.

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