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A Synopsis on Night Sights – Basics and Top Reasons to Use

The darkness that gives an uneasy feel to the majority as it is just impossible to say what may be hiding outside their view. Though feeling the carry gun’s weight on the hip may make them feel better, yet what is the use of carrying the gun during the night time when one cannot accurately shoot it. A flashlight can be added to the pistol yet this will only assist one in seeing their sights. It is here where adding a good night sight to the gun will prove immensely useful. It can also save their life.

Night Sights – The Basics

You must be wondering what these night sights are? Well, in maximum cases it is that replacement sight which glows especially in dim/low light to help one aim better. It is mainly of two types – tritium and fiber optic. The former is made of radioactive material and makes its own light while the latter is a colored glass which utilizes the light accessible to illuminate. Apart from being brighter compared to those white dots which guns generally have, these are bright colored thereby making it ideal for shooting in low light.

If you decide to purchase these for replacing the factory white dot sights, you are free to pick the colors from orange, yellow, green and red. The majority of the latest guns come with the night sights of which most happen to be name brands and not merely something the manufacturer of the gun designed hastily and included like an option for gaining the market share. Using the best night sight like a feature and never an option indeed will save you a good amount of money. Later on, if such style sights for them in anyway happens to be an instant upgrade.

The Specialty of Tritium Sights

Especially for those who plan to upgrade an excellent choice will be to consider tritium sights and below are the 4 convincing reasons why,

  • Improve the Performance of Low-Light Shooting- A lot of shooters that practice outside at the daytime or utilize a well-lit indoor range will not experience what a challenge it is when it comes to aiming in the low-light conditions till they try it. Just a few feet ahead of their face to the rear and front sights will begin to blend with the dark surroundings thereby making it almost impossible to aim correctly. Blindly pulling the trigger is something that no shooter will desire to do.

The specialty of tritium sights is that it comes with tritium lamps embedded within both the rear and front posts that are illuminated continuously thereby making aiming at the low-light possible. In fact, where earlier the shooter failed to view the notch especially from a post such sights offer three illuminated bright tritium dots which stands in contrast towards just any dark background along with being hassle-free to align. Typically, such lamps come with green illumination which is soothing for the eye in catching and focusing on. These days orange, yellow and red versions are also available.

  • Forget About Batteries- The shooter need not take any headache about the batteries. Being self-illuminating, tritium sights do not need any power source from outside. In this regard it is passive. They use tritium gas of small capsules that are pressurized, hydrogen of radioactive isotope embedded in them. This gas is odorless and colorless, and people react to it just as they do so in case of ordinary hydrogen. It is decaying perpetually, thereby releasing in its surroundings the beta arrays.

Such rays hit the phosphor compound which lines with the capsule’s inner walls, exiting the particles of phosphor which offers visible light that the shooter views. Here there is no existence of any off switch which means it is a constant process till the tritium gas remains active. The truth is tritium will take about 12 years to lose 50% of the illumination potential offering sights which are 50% as bright. It means constant illumination years before the shooter noticing any fade.

  • Ideal for Dynamic Shooting Situations- Every self-defense shooter is well aware of the probability of engagements and threats which are dynamic along with the different variables which exist. It is thus crucial that they and their handgun is capable of performing efficiently in all forms of defensive scenarios which may come up, be it during the day or at the night time and in just any environment. Though you may use tritium during the wee hours of the night, it also excels in the low-light situations which include just anything from dimly lit indoor areas to densely shadowed natural surroundings in different locations. Anywhere where sight visibility is affected because of lighting conditions, such sights can be of great help. Not only this, it is ideal for shooting during the daylight too.

  • Accelerate Target Acquisition– Prompt and accurate handgun shooting rests on precisely and quickly lining up both the front and rear sights on the target. The different skills that the shooter needs to practice time and again include raising their gun correctly into the view as well as aiming till this turns natural. The process, however, becomes challenging during low-light in the absence of tritium sights. The contrast between brightly illuminated sights and the dark background allows the eyes to pick them right away when the gun is on the sightline. Naturally, the eyes will focus towards the post lamp in the front mainly utilizing contrasting shades in case of rear sights.

If you too are a gun shooter and convinced with the benefits of using tritium sights then make the most of it. There are many stores where you can easily get them under different brands and price tags. Every product will have a review which will help you to shop smart. These sights are incredibly convenient and relatively affordable. You can use it for promoting self-protection, increasing personal safety and above all enjoying that peace of mind.

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