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11th Week of Yellow Vest Protests; Violent Crackdown Attempt Continues

Overtaxed, costs of living rising, wages falling, The Yellow Vest Movement took to the streets again in Act 11, against the deeply unpopular President Emmanuel Macron. The protests have been mostly peaceful with small pockets of violence in response to Macron’s forces firing on the overtaxed protesters. Things are likely to get worse as wages fall and living costs rise.


In Paris, protesters gathered in front of the National Assembly to protest the government who seeks to tax the poor to death while cutting taxes for the rich. Tax cuts are great but cut them for everyone just not the rich. Protesters in response to police firing tear gas threw anything they could at Macron’s police forces. Police arrested 42 in Paris as the Yellow Vest Revolution goes on.

A yellow vest demonstrator hurls an object at police during a protest in Paris, Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019. Scattered skirmishes broke out amid mainly peaceful yellow vest marches Saturday in Paris and around France, as the movement kept up pressure on President Emmanuel Macron despite internal divisions and growing worries about protest violence. (AP Photo/Michel Euler)

A few cars were set ablaze in the Normandy Department town of Evreux, with violent clashes breaking out between the police and the yellow vest protesters.

The violent fringe gave the police in Evreux the excuse to go in ruthlessly beat innocent people who weren’t involved.


Angry demonstrations were rampant across French cities like Marseilles and Lyon as well.

The Yellow Vest movement named after the yellow vests drivers in France are required to have in their car, has kept up the massive crowds at the protests, with government officials admitting across France tens of thousands of protesters went out on Saturday, fighting to live on wages that can keep up with the rise in living costs, and to just live a better life, something Macron has made very hard to do.

The yellow vest protesters have become ever more hostile to the radical leftists in the movement who have been engaged in violence, not in response to Macron’s police. The video shows them pushing back against the far left New Anticapitalist Party subverters.


The overwhelmingly peaceful yellow vest protesters have faced disgusting levels of violence by police as a very disturbing video has come out again of French police grabbing the hair of a woman and beating her. Had this been Brazil, Russia, Turkey or Hungary the media would be going apoplectic but silence from them on these egregious attacks on dissent.

Jerome Rodrigues a prominent yellow vest activist has suffered a serious eye injury after police threw grenade shrapnel at him, and the disturbing attack was caught on video. He is going to lose one of his eyes because of the incident.


The incident happened at one of the hotbeds of violence at Bastille Square in Paris. Rodrigues was hit and he collapsed and it took some time before anyone actually decided to help him.

Paramedics were able to help the prominent yellow vest activist, and get him to the hospital where he is being treated for the severe injury he suffered at the hands of police obeying Macron’s orders.

Leading up to Act 10 and 11 the French government in their “infinite wisdom” thought the solution to decrease anger over the actions of the Macron regime was to make it much harder to protest making it harder to get a permit to protest, and they also arrested the unofficial leader of the Yellow Vests Eric Drouet.

The true face of the liberal globalist now European based world order is showing its true colors for all of the world to see, and in less than 4 months, President Emmanuel Macron will face electoral devastation as his crumbling base runs away at faster rates, bringing his end ever closer, leaving France’s broken streets, and economy for the best people France has to offer to cleanse to cure to heal and take France away from the globalist direction it is in.

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