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Stuart Varney: Liberals Who Want To Raise Climate Change Taxes Should Look At What’s Happening In France

Fox Business host Stuart Varney said liberals who want to raise climate change taxes in America should take note of the riots in France, on “Fox & Friends” Monday.

“Look, what’s happening in France and what’s happening to [French President Emmanuel] Macron is a lesson for the left in America, for Democrats in America and a lesson for all democracies,” Varney said.

Macron hasn’t ruled out declaring a state of emergency after riots broke out in Paris, resulting in torched cars and stolen police rifles. The chaos comes as a result of new tax hikes aimed at fuel and climate change.

“Number one, he is putting up taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel. He is defending the cradle to grave welfare state,” Varney said. “They need money. The economy there is slowing down. He needs money. He wants to impose these taxes. The people riot. Lesson to the American left: Watch out. You can’t fund all these social programs by endlessly raising taxes.”

Varney said if liberals keep attempting to raise taxes in the United States, they will almost certainly face heavy backlash.

“Number two, he’s part of the Paris climate accord. He’s got to defend his position on climate. So he raises taxes on gas so you use less gas, so you conform to the Paris climate accord,” Varney continued. “Lesson to the left in America: You keep raising taxes like this for global warming and you’re going to have a problem on your hands.”

He also said Europe is collapsing and going bankrupt at a rapid rate due to its socialist policies.

“The Brits are leaving Europe with this Brexit. Germany is leaderless. Italy is almost bankrupt and in a huge fight over money with the rest of Europe — and France in open revolt. I’d call that a continent that is unraveling,” Varney said. “What’s really unraveling is their idea of socialism. It is not sustainable.”

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