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Problems Students Face Getting Education in Australia

Australia with its geographical position seems to be standing apart from the world troubles, and those continental students are faced at universities. Why do so many people dream about studying and living here? There’s a simple answer. Lots of people prefer this beautiful county to settle as it offers picturesque nature and diverse climate zones, travelling opportunities, and a variety of entertainment. What else is there to wish for?

Australian education policy has touched several spheres of schooling like national literacy plan, curricula, schedules, various scholarships and fellowships. However, there’s still a growing demand for the changes and adjustments.

Challenges for the International Students in Australia

Local universities are very popular among international students who come mainly from China, India, Nepal and Malaysia. Nevertheless, they face a lot of challenges. First-year students should cope with the English language of study, but the most stressful point remains the gap in school education between their home country and Australian system.

Levels of education across the home countries of the international students vary from region to region. This imposes challenges for them, as they earned credits according to a different system.

There are circumstantial influences which affect their performance.

  • Financial strain

Living in Australia could be quite expensive, especially for those students who didn’t gain any scholarship or grant. Such learners have to find work as soon as they arrive, but it is still challenging to combine studies and work successfully.

  • Social isolation

Even though the community is diverse and open-minded, it takes a lot of time to make friends with other students.

  • Missing home

Feeling homesick is very common on the stage of relocation to a dormitory. Some students suffer from anxiety and depression. There are special counselling provided by professional psychologists for learners to help them cope with melancholy.

However, these problems are common for Australians as well. Freshmen are hurt by campus rules and regulations, or internal dormitory rules while older students deal with increased pressure and competition.

It can be one single thing that negatively affects productivity and concentration of a young mind. As a result of low academic achievements and high pressure, lots of students ask themselves who can write my assignment for me in Australia. Requesting writing help is common among international students.

Challenges for the Educational System in Australia

Australian education system faces major issues due to the governmental reform. About 39 institutions were estimated to be affected by new budget cuts. This means they’re going to have fewer research opportunities.

Drop in research also harms the country’s future. With such a pace of technological progress, it is a loss to development of innovations and economy. Post-grads do not obtain any grants that empower exploration. As a result, they are looking for possibilities abroad. A corresponding drop in employment rates is a serious cause for the concern.

Major Influence on Faculty Life

  • Frustration among the stuff

Another big problem is an issue with university staff. Being an educator has never been easy, but following these issues, the situation got tougher. Universities’ administrations are powerless as only the opinion of a small representative group was taken up for consideration when reforms in foundation took place.

  • High turnover

Switching jobs becomes frequent as educators desperately seek to improve their working conditions. It affects college a lot as other faculty members have a higher workload and overall lack of qualification in the area they substitute. Problems are going to grow as the number of funds and people for their solutions decrease annually.

  • Losing traditions

Universities are struggling with uncertainty as there is no stability in the Australian educational system. Frequent reforms result in universities losing their individual management style. There is no one to support traditions and moral codes defining a specific establishment.

  • Affecting students

Such turmoil affects students a lot. They are no longer able to be fond of a specific teacher or get inspired by the faculty. Chances are that they will have a different professor next semester or even two educators per a single semester of the same course.

Apparently, this process makes matters worse as productivity and efficiency of students decrease from year to year. Teachers’ stress grows and effects students imposing menace to the process of education. Learners have less desire to complete their written assignments.

The stakes are high for the system as over 600,000 students came from different countries to study in Australia in October 2018. They and their families expect high standards of education rather than substantial restructuring due to the change in the budget.

Currently, the higher education system in Australia has to create a different approach to solve the issue for students, staff, and college funding.

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