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President Trump Treats Foreign Governments Like Obama Used To Treat US Citizens

In the bad-ole-days of the Obama administration American citizens were treated like dirt. Citizens were told that they would have to put up with a “Fundamental Transformation” of their great nation: they we forced to accept government-issued healthcare; their taxes were raised; executive orders were issued on all sorts of things against public will; the border with Mexico was opened to all who desired to enter, contrary to the constitution and existing law; environmental regulations were issued at the federal level that halted economic growth; the Fed kept interest rates low, thus forcing money into the stock market and causing a bubble there; relations with Israel were much worsened by the Jew-hating Obama administration; the IRS was discriminating against conservative Americans; Illegal aliens from Syria were welcomed with open arms and no vetting; the Obama administration sought to completely halt oil exploration and drilling on American soil; Obama bought into the Paris accords scandal; and Obama just played more golf.

And while all of this domestic suffering was happening to the American people, Obama was playing extra nice with China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea and other enemy and near-enemy nations around the globe.

Along comes Donald Trump and this course of events took a dramatic change: Americans can now select their own health insurance; Israel is now our friend and ally again; America is now energy independent; the Paris accords are past-tense; Americans have had their taxes reduced; Trump has halted the latest immigrant invasion from the south; North Korea has stopped testing nuclear weapons; job killing regulations are being eliminated; Iran is watching sanctions being re-imposed on them; new economic guidelines have been negotiated in order to make international goods dealings more favorable to the American manufacturer and farmer, and other measures are on the way to implementation by President Trump.

In other words, Americans are being treated with respect by the Trump administration, and foreign governments are having to prove their like and respect for America or they are being held at arms-length and being forced to pay more in order to gain access to the American market.

As President Trump has often said: A government is responsible first of all to that government’s citizens, not to the citizens of another nation, nor to the welfare a foreign government. Barack Obama ignored his responsibility to regard the welfare of American citizens in exchange for his globalist fantasy of being the hero of the world and being loved and adored by the tyrants and dictators of the world.

In this relation I believe that Americans, who are uniquely free and wealthy in a world of governmental control and poverty, could logically be considered a race of its own, and that American Democrats are racists because of their anti-American positions and expressions.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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