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Life In America Is Beginning To Resemble Communist Eastern Europe In The 1950s

Because of political correctness, comedians now fear negative feedback for offending an audience when they tell jokes. Isn’t biting humor and pushing the envelope with risqué commentary what comedians are here for?

A Republican candidate running for president is spied on by the sitting Democrat administration, using the full force and power of the FBI and the Department of Justice in attempts to defeat the Republican upstart. Then, when the Republican wins the election in spite of the roadblocks put forward by the Democrat administration and the inbred Deep State Washington establishment, the Washington swamp colludes against him all over again. Joseph Stalin, anyone?

American universities, formerly the bastions of free speech and tolerance setting an example for the entire world to follow, now react violently when conservatives are invited to speak on campus.

ANTIFA freely beats people with little or no police opposition, and a big yawn from Democrats as citizens are hurt and property burned.

Republicans are called racists for insisting that voters present documents proving their citizenship before they’re allowed to vote, and for trying to keep potentially violent and diseased people from third world nations from illegally entering the United States.

Los Angeles and San Francisco harboring thousands of homeless drug addicts in their streets with no end in sight and with no intention of forcing them to clean up, straighten up or move out. The only “sanctuary” Democrats give these derelict people is sanctuary from self-fulfillment and sanctuary from a pleasant, meaningful life.

A leftist press using the United States Constitution to defend their NOT reporting news that does not support the anti-constitutional and anti-Trump bent of their politics

The preceding paragraphs list the glories and pleasures of Communism and Socialism as they are being celebrated across the United States by leftist Democrats who run wild and undermine life in America with their unreasoned opposition to everything American and anything Trump.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. I’m sure they probable visit the Getty too…where the big pedophile ring is…THAT IS WHY YOU ALL HATE TRUMP!!! YOURS IS COMING IN 2019!! #yousickenme

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