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How to know that MA Office cleaning services adhere to the best practices of the industry

Commercial cleaning services must be efficient and effective at the same time so that offices do not only look clean but are truly clean by any standard that the industry uses as a benchmark. Keeping an office clean might appear to be easy but to achieve quality cleaning like what MA Office Cleaning services offer, you must ensure that the cleaning company follows the best practices. The best practices determine certain standards that become the gold standard of the industry, but with the advancement of technology, best practices are also evolving. What seems good and effective today might not work tomorrow, and the cleaning company must remain abreast of the developments so that they become the torch bearers of the industry.

Adhering to the best practices

Like any other services, office cleaning services too revolve around people, processes, and products that form the cornerstones of the best practices. The cleaning company must have the right people for the job who are properly trained to deliver services by using technology and materials best suited for the occasion. The processes mean that the cleaning methods are hygienic and safe and follow the stipulated guidelines by using the right tools, tackles, equipment, and the products mean cleaning materials that should be environment-friendly and safe for humans. The services provided by the cleaning company must meet the regulatory requirements and follow some accredited management standard.

The scope of effective office cleaning services

In addition to abiding by the regulatory requirements, office cleaning companies that deliver top class cleaning services must be capable of identifying and implementing effective cleaning methods and should have defined cleaning processes in the form of Standard Operating Procedures. This would ensure that uniform methods of cleaning are followed for all clients that consider all the health and safety aspects instead of relying on cleaning for appearance only.

The definition of a clean environment

Providing a disinfected level of cleaning by highly trained and qualified cleaning personnel is perhaps a simple way of describing the minimal expectation of clients for maintaining a clean environment. However, looking at cleaning services from the Public Health perspective, cleaning has three distinct aspects that the office cleaning company must fulfil. Cleaning must be sterile, disinfected and sanitary.

  • Sterile – This aspect ensures that the environment is free from any type of contamination. This is required for maintaining cleanliness in some areas of the healthcare industry and not applicable for office cleaning. The cleaning procedures follow highly controlled methods of cleaning, and it is not very easy to achieve the standards of a contamination free environment.

  • Disinfected – This level of cleanliness is applicable for office cleaning and the cleaning company must ensure that there are no life-threatening pathogens in the environment. The cleaning method helps to remove 95% of the harmful substances.

  • Sanitary – The standard of cleaning ensures overall protection of the health of employees at the workplace even though there might be some existing risks of contamination and diseases.

For satisfactory office cleaning services, achieving Disinfected and Sanitary level of cleaning is enough to ensure good value for money.

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