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Great feel, splendid looks, high durability and no maintenance – What more to expect from artificial lawns

There is nothing like creating a beautiful lawn without spending time and effort in maintaining it. That is where artificial turfs or fake lawns outscore its natural counterpart to become highly popular. Just imagine the pleasure of walking on cool grass on a summer evening as the kids play around the sprinklers and as night descends the stage is set for an outdoor family meal. However, if it is natural grass lawn that you are talking about then be ready to devote a fair amount of labor and time for its upkeep so that you enjoy safe and pleasurable time outside your home.

From mowing to weeding, there are too many things to do to keep the lawn clean and tidy that can become an issue when thinking about investing in lawns. Instead, an easier and hassle-free way to enjoy the same things in the same way that natural lawns offer, people are choosing artificial lawns made from Surface It Grass, a premium quality artificial turf.

Growing popularity

It has been more than 70 years since the first artificial turf made its appearance in the US and the sports field was the chosen area of application that helped it gain popularity. With time, people have realised its usefulness and how well it can substitute natural grass in residential and commercial settings too. It has led to the rising popularity of artificial lawns or fake lawns. According to survey reports available from the UK, in 2017 alone the recreational and landscaping use of artificial grass was so huge that it covered more than 4 million square meters land area.

Long lasting untarnished looks

Technology has contributed to creating superior quality artificial grass that is comparable with natural grass in all respects and even outscores it heavily in terms of durability and vibrant looks that remains untarnished for a very long time. And that too, without maintenance. The artificial grass surface retains its vibrancy even if kids trample on it, never showing any signs of distress. The surface is soft yet durable that remains clean and can be cleaned. The advances in technology ensure that there is no bacteria and mold growth on the surface as well as beneath it.

Great feel and look

The looks of artificial lawns are incomparable because you can add colors and style to it by choosing from the different colors and shades available. Although the looks of artificial grass are as good as natural grass, the feel might be not exactly like natural grass, but it still provides a great feeling. If you are sick and tired looking after the natural lawn at your home, it is time to look for the most appropriate substitute in artificial lawns. Once, installed, the artificial lawn becomes the central attraction of your home as everyone feels tempted to be out there.

Besides the aesthetics and functional aspects, artificial lawns contribute to creating a safe outdoor environment which enhances its attraction many more times. Since there are no insects and pests, the grass surface is entirely safe for kids and pets alike.

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