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Democrats’ Green New Deal Is Really An ‘Indirect Taxation’ On Fuel, Says Republican Chuck Devore

Former GOP Assemblyman Chuck DeVore of California said the Democrats’ Green New Deal is simply an “indirect taxation” on fuel and gasoline.

“I think it’s very important for your viewers to understand that in France they pay a little over $7 a gallon for gasoline and almost half of that are taxes,” DeVore said on “Fox & Friends” Monday. “This was a climate change tax of about 25 cents a gallon for gasoline. About 10 cents for diesel.”

“I think that in America though with this Green New Deal you’re going to see indirect taxation,” he continued. “In other words more subsidies, more taxes, more mandates and regulations.”

DeVore said Democrats aren’t bold enough to institute a normal gas tax after seeing the riots in France, but he claimed the effects will still be the same.

“I don’t think they’re going to be foolish enough to go for a big direct fax on fuel like you’re seeing in France,” he declared. “But the net effect, Steve, will be the same. You’re going to see more cost for fuel and it’s going to really hit the working poor and the middle class the most.”

Host Steve Doocy said the 12-year United Nations climate report will call for a carbon tax of $5,500 per ton which would equal a cost of $49 per gallon of gasoline.

“That’s why you are seeing places like France and Belgium and Britain and of course here in America, people wanting to protect their national sovereignty,” DeVore replied. “People are getting tired of international bodies that aren’t directly accountable to voters telling them what they need to do. And that 49 bucks a gallon, that’s 100 times what we currently pay in taxes on average in America.”

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