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Democrats Go On Warpath Against Trump, But Of Course They’ll Be Fair

Democrats and their pals in the leftist media have been riding President Trump like a poorly shod mule for the past two years, with nearly every statement of theirs shouting how guilty Trump is, and how near to prison he is, and how they have him in a trap now, yada, yada, yada. They and their special investigator, Robert Mueller, have not found one bit of evidence to show any Russia collusion concerning Donald Trump before, during or after the latest presidential election.

But while the House was in Republican hands these idiot Democrats were without any real clout and were just barking in the wind but could do little harm to the nation. Now, however, we’re entering a period in which Democrats will control the House of Representatives, and one wonders how it’s possible that the Democrats, who have been claiming Trump to be guilty of every crime committed during the last 15 years, will be fair and impartial in their investigations once they are in charge?

On December 12, 2018, NBC News quoted the incoming Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, promising to go on the attack against Trump, his family and “anyone” in his circle that would validate her hate of Trump while ignoring all of the accomplishments of Trump these last two years, and while also giving no recognition to the proven crimes of Hillary Clinton while she was Barack Obama‘s Secretary of State. This high-ranking Democrat has told us already that Trump is guilty and all she has to do is pronounce guilt from the Attorney General’s office and his presidency will end. This sounds like the wild, unvalidated and lying charges that were logged against Brett Kavanaugh when the Senate was deciding his appointment to the Supreme Court, and the Democrats had only to make accusations of criminal behavior against Kavanaugh and the case could be closed with no further investigation needed nor allowed. Democrats lack the dignity, intelligence and the judgment to be in positions of power. When they hate, they decided people’s fate based on that hate, and then move forward to punish them.

The Attorney General of New York is not the only powerful Democrat to have already decided that Trump is guilty of whatever. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, both House Democrats from California, have been telling us that they have seen the proof of Trump’s guilt for the past two years, and they have sworn that prison or impeachment is just minutes away. In each and every incident they claim to have proof of guilt, they have been wrong.

When Barack Obama promised to “Fundamentally Transform America” this hateful, unconstitutional and anti-American behavior on the part of radical Democrats is exactly what he meant, and America can not continue to exist with these low-life politicians in positions of power.

As with the Brett Kavanaugh event, for which Democrats were punished by the voting public for their disgraceful statements and actions during the Senate hearings, Democrats have already made up their minds as to Trump’s guilt, and now they will push their illogical “facts” and “evidence” and seek a conviction based on nothing. These are truly dangerous people and they are a threat to the continuation of justice, prosperity and liberty in America.

The current Democrat party opposes the basic principles of Western society and appear to be ignorant of the credit that should be given to our constitution and capitalism for the comfortable lives that Americans enjoy. Their hate for Donald Trump for upsetting their socialist agenda, that they hoped Hillary would extend, and their resentment of his winning the latest presidential election, will prevent their cooperating with Republicans on any issue.

The future of America with Democrats in power in the House is dim.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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