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WordPress is much ahead of other CMS with unmatched SEO friendly features

Despite all the skepticism about the effectiveness and longevity of SEO that had surfaced a few years ago, SEO remains the most important online marketing technique that has withstood the test of time. Search engines are still central to online marketing and so is SEO even though many other forms of digital marketing like social media marketing, content marketing, video marketing, etc. have also been effective. For gaining high visibility, marketers have to work hard to earn better ranks in search results because it is still the most stable method of driving organic traffic to websites. In this regard, the sites play a significant role because the more SEO friendly features it has better would be the SEO prospects. For creating SEO powered sites, WordPress is the most preferred CMS because of its outstanding features that help to implement advanced SEO with ease (more details on this WordPress review).

Today, WordPress powers 30% websites across the internet and its growth continue at a steady pace. From small businesses to large Corporations, everyone is keen to use WordPress so that they have complete flexibility in implementing SEO in the way they want. WordPress works so well for SEO that it would make you feel that SEO implementation was never so easy. Despite creating the best SEO strategies, its implementation depends on the support it gets from the website during optimization for search engines. No approach can help SEO to succeed unless backed by the right kind of site and CMS that supports all measures of innovative optimization to the fullest. The website features have to be SEO friendly that allows optimization of all types that gives a cutting edge in competition.

The importance of CMS

Since the extent of SEO friendliness depends on the choice of CMS and because all CMS are not alike, WordPress is the most preferred CMS for SEO. The ease of setting up the CMS and its user-friendliness makes WordPress the choice of millions even though all other CMS are SEO friendly in its ways. To drive high traffic to websites that enhance conversion rates, you have to depend on out of the box optimization measures that only WordPress can support by virtue of thousands of WordPress plugins. WordPress provides so many options in optimization that the SEO campaign acquires an unprecedented strength that helps to beat the competition.

In this article, we will discuss how and why WordPress is miles ahead of other CMS in SEO capabilities so that you know precisely why you must not look beyond it when looking for SEO friendly CMS.

Why WordPress stands out from the rest

Website performance depends mostly on the way you design the home page, and it has a huge impact on SEO campaign. The homepage is important because visitors would look at it first when visiting the website and thus the home page is responsible for creating the first impression that either encourages visitors to stay along or quit the site. An attractive home page will generate interest in viewers to explore the other aspects of the site and provides the stepping stones for viewer engagement. The home page design template should give enough space to accommodate enough text content that helps to communicate elaborately with viewers. It provides the opportunity of introducing the business more effectively to viewers who would find reasons to interact with it positively.

WordPress provides lots of options for creating an impressive home page by avoiding duplication of text on other pages because it has enough features and provides enough space for it. Duplicate text plagues many other CMS but not at all an issue with WordPress. While other CMS rely on codes, there are no codes involved when you are using WordPress, and this is one of the high points of the most popular CMS. Besides, WordPress websites can boost SEO in many other ways, some of which are technical but easy to handle.

The last word in user-friendliness

It will not be wrong to say that WordPress is the last word in usability and the experts at SEO company vision smash would admit to it. The user-friendliness manifests in the way any person with minimal computer literacy can use it as it does not require any coding or technical knowledge. Configuring WordPress websites is a breeze because it needs just a few clicks. With hundreds of SEO friendly WordPress themes available, pick the one that fulfills your SEO objectives.

Fast loading websites

Website speed is a critical factor to do well in SEO because it has a direct relation to search rankings. Google encourages speedy websites, and users love it too. WordPress websites are fast loading, and it gives a boost to SEO by enhancing the ranking prospects. For providing the best user experience, which counts a lot to gain SEO advantage, fast loading websites is must, and all WordPress websites meet this criterion. Just as marketers, Google wants to provide the best experience to users and therefore prefers fast opening of web pages that help to win the confidence of users with the first click. Most importantly, the speed of a website is now a factor for ranking websites.

Top security for websites

All WordPress websites have high-security features that give a lot of satisfaction to the site owners. WordPress websites remain well protected against hackers and other intruders that try to harm sites for unscrupulous gains. The security network of sites can detect any possible threat quite early and sends out signals that trigger security updates and activates the alarm system and help to ward off the threats by nipping it in the bud. You can make the default security system more robust by using suitable WordPress plugins.

Using social media for marketing in tandem with SEO help marketers to reinforce the marketing campaign and enhance the returns from online marketing. The traffic flow increases considerably and thereby the chances of more conversions. WordPress allows integration of websites with social media platforms that any marketer would like and the large WordPress community to which you would belong reinforces your faith in the CMS.

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